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Electronic Ear Ball Mill

We are system integrator , service provider and trainer for process control instrumentation since 1990 with experienced engineers and located at midc industrial area, rabale, navi mumbai our systems are for: level measurement and weighing: silo level and weighing, hopper level and weighing, tank level and weighing.These systems are based on: weldable sensors, bolt on sensors, insert and push type sensors, load cells, differential pressure transmitters, radar level gauges.Electronic ear ball mill grinding control system: for cement, coal, fly ash with: electronic ear, kw transducer.Information and data acquisition using: gsm/gprs modems for sms on mobiles, daq units, software for data acquisition on webscada.Moisture measurement: sand moisture on line type control desks: panels for electrical distribution: training: we undertake training industrial skill development in control and instrumentation topics.Electronic ear ske - 03: electronic ear is used to detect the degree of filling of material in the tube mill.Depending upon the hardness of the material used and quantity inside the mill, the frequency and sound level changes.If more is the material inside the mill, lesser will be the sound and if lesser is material inside the mill, more will be the sound.Electronic ear for ball mill system detects frequency and amplitude of the sound from the mill using sound transducer like microphone or piezo horns.Frequency range: 400 to 4000 hz, output 4 - 20 ma / 0-1 volt, signal - praportional to load or sound selecteble sound transducer- microphone / piezo transducer, stand - adjustable ss/ms.Bargarph indicator: microprocessor based programmable, suitable for control room , input 4-20 ma, 0-1 volt output 4-20 ma, 0-10 volt dc, alarm contacts- high / low level ratio controller: to set ratio of material feeding the mill, input - 4-20 ma, 0-10 volts, output - 3 signals , ratio signal converter / isolator: input - mv dc , amp / volt ac, output - 4-20 ma, isolation - optical setting - 0-100 %, modes - manual / electronic ear/ current.Control desks: panels for electrical distribution: training we undertake training industrial skill development in control and instrumentation topics.For more details of electronic ear for ball mill and enquiry visit us at: http://www.Kabasucontrols.Com.

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