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Engagement Rings Which Deal Breaker Are You Willing To Live With

If you are in the market for an engagement ring for your future wife, there are many factors to consider before making that life-changing purchase.Although what truly matters is the love you share for one another, some other important factors may end up being deal breakers.True love is selfless devotion to another person and also being able to tolerate all of their little quirks.Here are some potential deal breakers: snoring: if the person you plan on marrying snores at night, then let's hope you are a very hard sleeper.Otherwise, you will be woken up periodically every single night for the rest of your life! also, snoring can be a sign of other potential health risks that could affect the length of your beloved's life.Cleanliness (or lack thereof): although some believe this is simply a bad habit that can be modified with a little coaching, i have realized it is extremely difficult to change a person's way of life! asking someone to change their entire routine when they get home is a stretch.If a man walks into his house, kicks off his shoes wherever, and follows the same random pattern when preparing for bed, it may be a red flag that he is messy.Now you have a lifetime of not only being a wife, but also a maid and a butler.Manners: it seems as though it is extremely difficult to find someone with really great manners these days.The basic concepts of conducting yourself in public are long gone.I understand there is a time to cut up with your friends, but when you are at a swanky dinner with your boss, this is not the time to act like a caveman.Everything needs to be considered - how you hold your fork when cutting meat, the volume of your voice and laugh, standing up when shaking hands or when someone leaves or returns to the table, and, of course, pulling the chair out for the women in the party.These gestures are not complicated to learn, but they will be ingrained in the head of a person with manners so much that it is second nature.There are many more areas of socialization that people are willing to overlook when in love.At the same time, many of these attributes are taken for granted, as they are expected from upstanding people.Before you shop for engagement rings, ask yourself if your mate is the perfect representation of how you want others to interpret you.

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