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Engraving Through Laser Is The Cost Of Precision

The use of engraving in jewellery has benefitted jewellers in making customised and more precised products.The mark made by a laser beam is the most accurate engraving method available in today's world.Machines used for engraving purpose have three important parts i.E.The laser beam, the controller and a surface.The beam works like a pencil that does the final job of engraving without any wear and tear of material.The controller is a computer system that controls the parameters like the intensity, speed, and spread of the beam.In this process of engraving the laser beam converts the light energy into the heat which helps in vaporising the surface to be engraved into the design fed in controller.However, because of this feature laser machines do require efficient cooling system to cool down the heated equipment properly.For this a special part "chiller" with high configuration is added to the system for smooth functioning.The quality of these three components determines the price of engraving equipment.Types of laser engraving machines these machines have different genre depending on the kind of surfaces.The machine used for wooden surfaces will not be useful for jewellery.Hence, the surface type impacts the price of the laser machine drastically.The first type is when the beam moves in the x-y direction.In this case, the surface is fixed, and the laser moves in x and y direction.In some cases, the surface moves in y-direction while the beam moves in x-direction.The second type is when the surface moves cylindrically while the laser beam creates a helix along the surface.The surface can be cylindrical or square in shape.The beam is steady as the surface moves.It is different design as compared to the first type, and hence, the pricing differs.The third type of laser engraving machine takes support from galvanising mirrors to move the beam, while keeping the surface stationery.This setup is used in unique engraving assignments, and the machine is needed to be customised according the requirement of user and the environment of the workplace.For all the engraving machines explained, the focal point where the laser beam touches the surface is extremely narrow.The beam either burns or cuts the surface.If the surface vaporises during the engraving process, a ventilator is also required.The combined effect of multiple technologies makes the right laser engraving machine for a particular surface.Thus the machine price is the value of technological option the customer requires.

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