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Everyone Is Talking About These Four Unusual Uses For Eggs

We all have our favourite egg recipes.After all, what would a great breakfast be without a tasty omelette or a few slices of delectable french toast? but did you know that you can do a lot more with eggs than just eat them? shake things up a bit and read on to discover four unusual uses for everybody's favourite breakfast treat.Revive dry hair eggs are chockfull of protein, which is why they can be used as a solution for dry or sun-damaged hair.If you want to keep your crowning glory looking healthy and shiny all year round, give yourself an egg-tastic hair treatment once a month.Simply crack 2 eggs into a bowl, beat well and massage into the scalp and through the lengths of your hair.Leave on for twenty minutes and rinse well with warm water.Breathe life into your skin the protein in eggs works just as well on your skin as it does on your hair.If you are looking for a wonderful anti-aging skin treatment, separate 2 egg whites, whisk and apply to the face before rinsing off with water.If you want to lock in some moisture - ideal for those with dry skin - separate 2 yolks, whisk and apply to the driest areas of the face.Leave on for five minutes and rinse off.Nourish your plants did you know that along with being rich sources of protein, eggs contain plenty of calcium too? the next time that you boil an egg, pour the water that you used to boil it (once it has cooled down, of course) into the soil of your pot plants.This calcium-fortified water will give your plants the boost that they need to grow and remain healthy for many weeks to come.You can also create a rich compost using egg shells.Clean leather whether your leather couch is looking less than appealing or whether your favourite pair of leather shoes need some tlc, eggs are the solution! because egg whites are thick and sticky, they help to remove dirt from all leather surfaces.Not only this, but they also leave behind a protective layer that will stop your leather belongings from getting damaged or dirty for a few days afterwards.The eggs will leave all leather surfaces looking fresh and shiny with very little effort at all on your part.As you can see, eggs are so much more than just your trusty breakfast companions!.

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