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Exclusive Renewable Resource Of Energy

Materials that have not more useful and not other more profitable like agricultural waste such as groundnut shells, jute waste, almond shells, castor seed shells, cotton stalk, rice husk, pine niddles, etc.Are used for fuel briquettes.Other raw materials also used for manufacturing of the briquettes are, waste paper, bagasse, and forestry waste like wood, sawdust, sar khanda grass, bamboo dust, forestry leaves etc.These residues are recycled in the briquetting plants and high quality briquettes are produced with minimum time and cost efforts.The briquetting plants reduce the quantity of the bio waste and residues from the surface of the earth.Hence, briquetting plants reduce the soil erosion by converting the low-density wastage into renewable energy fuel briquettes.Biomass briquettes have high specific density and bulk density as compared to other coals.The briquettes can resist long distance transport, less storage space, maintenance and transportation costs.Because of latest quality and features such as low moisture and high density, biomass brickets give much higher boiler efficiency as compared to other firewood and loose biofuels.The advantages that make briquettes exclusively renewable and recycled energy resource are, low ash content, less content of sulfur and carbon, low moisture content, no pollution as it is smokeless, no need to worry about handling and storage of briquettes due to its uniform size, uniform combustion, consistent quality, economical and reliable biofuel which is cost-effective.Biomass briquettes made through briquetting machines are more powerful resource that can replace any societal fuel.Briquetting press machine binds the low- bulk residues with high pressure easily.So, we can say that the agro waste brickets are the marvelous renewable product that is made from waste and helps farmers to make money.The briquetting plant and briquetting machines required for making white coal briquette is the nature friendly and pollution free technology to save our environment from greenhouse effects.The briquetting plant manufacturer is the contributors that make the environment clean and green by investing in this green technology.As increasing the demand of the white coal in many industries, the briquetting plant manufacturing business becomes more popular overall the world.The uses of this featured sawdust briquettes are, in boiler industries for producing heat and electricity purpose, in the metal melting process, in households for cooking purpose and heating of water purpose, in brick kiln factories for heating purpose, in many furnaces for firing purposes.Hence, at present briquettes are used in regular day-to-day life for many applications.

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