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Exploring A New Point Of View At The Top

What's more impressive than burj khalifa in dubai's impressive skyline? staggering at 828 meters, this structure earns its mark as the tallest building in the world.A trip to dubai without a visit to the magnificent observation deck-at the top is definitely not complete.Below we take a deeper look into the structure.Getting here burj khalifa is situated in downtown dubai beside dubai mall.Travelling by dubai metro? board the red line to burj khalifa station.Then board the f13 bus and alight at dubai mall bus stop.Walk through the mall to get to the lower ground floor.You could opt to walk to the mall via the air conditioned overpass which takes approximately 15 minutes.Else, use the moving walkways like those found in airports which is highly recommended.Once in the mall, walk through the mall to the lower ground floor.What to know at the top, level 125 burj khalifa is a tribute to the arab's arts and culture.On this level, guests get to enjoy 360 views of the city, desert and the arabian gulf beyond.To go to the observation deck, you travel up by a lift moving at speeds of up to 10m/s along the way, catch glimpses of other landmarks around the world and how they compare to burj khalifa tickets at the top is just one of the three levels open to the public.The rest include level 125 which is also part of at the top.By the way this observation is not really at the top but only halfway the building.The third level is the luxury lounge, sky on level 148 and at 555m.There are notable differences between at the top and at the top, sky.One is the pricing and sky is way quieter with comfy seats around should you need a rest after peering over the edge.The piece of art was designed by adrian smith whose firm designed the willis tower formerly sears tower and world trade center which are all remarkable mega structures :) beside being the tallest building in the world, the structure has broken several other world records including: the tallest freestanding structure in the world, the highest number of stories in the world, the highest occupied floor in the world, the highest outdoor observation deck in the world, the elevator with the longest travel distance in the world and the tallest elevator in the world.Big news 2020! 'jeddah tower' in saudi arabia will claim the world's tallest building title standing at least 3280 feet tall.What to expect if you won't have booked your ticket online in advance, you'll be required to queue before proceeding to the lift to embark on your journey to at the top an outdoor section.However, if like most people you're creeped out to step out zoom in on the ground using cameras connected to touch screens around.A dizzying experience looking up to see the remaining 400 metres or so soaring above you.An audio tour detailing the engineering and architectural detail of the structure why you should visit a bucket list ticker? then the novelty of going up the world's tallest building is absolutely worth it! impressive panoramas from at the top that will sweep you off your feet.The beauty of the structure as it towers above all other structures along sheikh zayed road helpful tips to avoid crowds, consider visiting during weekdays or off peak times the views from the observation deck are terrific at night there are gift shops near exit elevators, and another one on ground floor near the exit.So be sure to check in for cool souvenirs a beautiful spiraling staircase known as the 'spiral flight' which connects levels 124 and 125.You'll spot a giant, sparkly chandelier overhanging the staircase and glass walls that give you more open views as you move up or down the stairs.There are more advanced, interactive equipments on this level such as the giga-panoramic telescopes that help zoom in both day and nights for more up close views.If you're questioning your photography skills, there's a photographer to take some cool photos of you don't miss the outdoor observation deck.A lot of guests miss this opportunity because they're not aware of it.To catch the breathtaking sunset, book your time slot 90 minutes prior to the scheduled time.Backpacks, large bags or tripods are not allowed up there.When booking your ticket on iticket.Ae, you're allowed to select your preferred time of visit.It's commendable to visit at least 10-15 minutes before your selected time.If you plan on visiting over the weekend, book in advance.However, have in mind the city tends to get hazy at times hence limiting visibility.So don't book so far in advance.The overall view from at the top observation deck is overwhelmingly impressive and the rate at which dubai is growing, the skyline will explode into even something more impressive in near future.Seeing and experiencing the city at such a perspective is such a spectacle and a must do for everyone.By the way, skyscraper/photographer lovers, this is a golden chance to have the best shots of the opulent dubai.

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