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Fabric Softener Versus Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets aren't something you see all too often in south africa, but you've probably heard of them and possibly even tried to make your own.What are the differences between fabric softener and dryer sheets, and ultimately, which one should you be using? both liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets help to increase the softness of your clothes, reduce wrinkles and add a pleasant scent to your washes.There are, however, small differences in how they work and what they achieve.Fabric softener conditioner is added during the wash cycle, and it permeates the fibres of whatever you're washing.Dryer sheets, on the other hand, are activated by heat during the drying cycle.They don't permeate the fibres of the fabric, but instead work their magic on the surface to reduce static and wrinkles.What are the pros and cons of each one? dryer sheets and fabric softeners both have their converts.Although dryer sheets can be cheaper, fabric softener will work in cold washes and can just go directly in the washing machines, whereas dryer sheets would not.They are heat activated and only work during the drying cycle.This alone would probably rule out the use of dryer sheets for most south africans, as the vast majority of us don't actually use a tumble dryer - the closest would be a spin cycle at the end of a wash.If you always hang your washing and never tumble dry clothes, you'll get very little use out of dryer sheets.Environmentally speaking, fabric softener is friendlier for use in south africa.This is not because the product is inherently 'greener,' but because they remove the need for a tumble dry cycle which uses a lot of electricity.Another thing to consider is that if you do use dryer sheets, you'll need to clean the lint out of your filter more often.This can be tedious, but it does mean the dryer sheets are removing lint more effectively than the liquid fabric softener! you may also have to wipe down the barrel of your dryer, as regular use of dryer sheets can leave a film or residue behind.So which would you recommend? overall, liquid fabric conditioner would be a better choice than dryer sheets for most south africans, owing to our laundry habits.Remember though, you don't always need to use fabric softener.It's amazing for keeping your clothes soft and wrinkle free, but there are some instances where fabric softener should be avoided, along with dryer sheets.Towels, for instance, should be washed with only detergent or with white vinegar in place of the fabric softener.This is to stop the softener from doing its job of coating and permeating fibres, as the towels will then become less absorbent.

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