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Factors Influencing Performance Of Minxer

China manufacturing industry face on three cold current according to relevant material statistics showed that in 2011, the china machinery industry and germany, japan and other equipment manufacturing industry great power of the trade deficit up respectively, $57.8 billion and $49.Feed grizzly2 billion, concentrated expression in high-end equipment field in china with the world's advanced level of a huge gap.Although in the past year structure adjustment has made some progress, but with the current needs much more intense than the change of the market,sand maker the development trend is still is not big enough, fast enough.Mechanical machinery industry in china's current broken is facing declining profits, excess capacity, business increased the difficulty "triple cold snap".Collis rick engineer, was that china crusher has come structure adjustment manufacturing the urgent situation, it is imperative to upgrade of industry."and for 10 years of growth, industry than main economic index growth fell backflotation separator, especially the overall profit growth fell back to speed up, highlighted the industry structure upgrade of urgency." 1 it is the profit fell faster than production, falling margins.2011 machinery industry production and sales growth and profit growth all represent continued to slide the situation, and it appeared for the first time in recent years lower than the production and sales of profit growth phenomenon.National macro policy influence, in many enterprise blind eye last year on the project, now high iron delayed is adverse factorsaggregate jaw crusher, cause the excess supply situation.2 it is market demand weak, highlights the excess capacity.2011 years of mechanical products market demand presents weakening trend, finished goods inventory up about 20% growth in basic high, far higher than the previous two years the level of about 10%.At the same time machinery industry on the study of enterprise statistics showartificial sand maker, the total order year-on-year rate of increase has already dropped to about 6% by the end of the year, obviously lower than the same period last year more than 30% of the level.The order is insufficient, further intensifies the excess capacity of contradiction, due to supply, the whole year mechanical product price index showed decline;3 it is the rise in the cost of using the capital, management increased the difficultyflotation machine.In 2011, with monetary policy and capital market liquidity adjustment tightening, enterprise on the flow of capital requirements than the market supply capacity, which causes the enterprise recovery funds difficult financing cost and the soaring phenomenon.A deterioration in efficiency, increased difficulties of business that machinery industry of the industrial structure can not adapt to the change of demand.With the equipment manufacturing industry as an example, the equipment manufacturing industry has a far-reaching impact on the processing of machine tool industry p, 2011 trade deficit as high as $13hammer crusher.4 billion.China imported cnc machine tools average unit price of $219200 per unit, and export average unit price only $33400 / taiwan; from a side, reflect the industry to improve the ability of independent innovation.China manufacturing industry should be the low end specialized manufacturing from industry chain, turned to high-end industry chain, gradually narrowing and germany, japan and other equipment manufacturing power gap; at the same time, develop independent brand advantages, increase investment in science and technology and innovation, let china manufacturing crusher in play a high-end equipment.Mobile crushers:www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/25.Htmsand washer:www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/8.Htmsingle toggle jaw crusher:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/stone-jaw-crusher.Html.

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