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Fall In Love With Product Photos Shooting Using A Smartphone

If you're like most people, then you carry your smartphone around with you all day long.From checking emails to tweets, it's not hard to be addicted to it.Smartphone devices are great capturing amazing photos, but have you ever thought about shooting product photos with yours? recent advances in technology have made it very possible to take quality product photos using a smartphone.This option is very convenient and user-friendly, and you can try it at a reasonable cost as well.Like others, before trying shooting with a smartphone, i also didn't believe that i could capture such stunning product photos utilizing my smartphone's camera.When i finished shooting i was astonished to view my shots - wonderful and amazing.If you already have had one of these smartphones you can start shooting just now.In this article, we'll be walking through how to capture quality product photos utilizing iphone x and how to edit them in photo express.Getting started before you get started, you should make sure that your smartphone's camera has at least autofocus feature and enough megapixels for product photography.Like a photo shooting with a dslr, this photo capturing strategy also needs some accessories that are very crucial for taking quality product photos.Here you'll need a table, a backdrop, a lighting setup, a tripod and a lens that will together help you shoot outstanding photos.In order to make product photography much more easy and simple, you'll have to use these accessories.A table will help product to sit higher, a backdrop to take clear shots of your product and the lighting setup that is very crucial for any photo shoot will assist you to capture high quality product photos.Camera shaking is one of the main causes for blurry images, and to avoid these blurs you'll have to use photo stabilization equipment such as a tripod or a stand.Although there is internal image stabilization software in the smartphone's camera, the camera will shake if it's hand-holding.Of the many cost-effective tripods on the market, you can choose gorilla pod mobile mini because it's a small and lightweight one that can easily be placed on a table or somewhere when shooting product photos.Like you, i also didn't believe that i could use external lenses with my smartphone's camera.But when i attempted, it came true.You'll need to utilize extra lenses if you would like to zoom in near the product because the smartphone's camera will only be able to focus from a specific distance away from the product.In the case of using external lenses, you're suggested to pick photojojo iphone lens series.This is the perfect lens series you can utilize with your iphone.Although there is the default app installed on iphone x, you'll use the iphone camera+ app that will help you shoot like a pro.You'll find lots of camera shooting applications on the market, but according to some professional reviews, this app is the best.Adjusting camera app and camera settings after all necessary accessories are ready, it's time to shoot photos with the smartphone's camera.Here, you'll take photos of a pair of earrings.Before pressing the big round button from the menu to create photos, you'll have to adjust camera app and camera settings.First you'll adjust camera app settings and then camera's manual exposure settings.You'll check the following features of camera app.Zoom: you'll make sure that you have the zoom feature turned 'on'.Grid: you should keep grid feature turned 'on' so that you can easily align product in the middle of the frame.Live exposure: keeping live exposure mode 'on' will allow you to read camera auto exposure settings when the camera adjusts it.Autosave: this feature allows you to specify where you'll save captured photos on the smartphone.By default, the raw photos will be saved to 'lightbox' contained within camera+ app.Icloud lightbox sync: using this feature, you can also sync your icloud to camera+ lightbox so that every image can be backed up into icloud.Quality: to shoot high quality photo, you'll keep this feature turned 'high'.Sharing: this feature allows you to share your photos on facebook, twitter and flickr.Now you'll adjust camera's manual exposure settings that are very needed for shooting.Zoom: to adjust the frame around the product, you'll have to pull the zoom slider that is located at the top of the screen.White balance: to perfectly set the white balance, you should first touch the wb button and then the white background.Exposure: here you'll have to touch circular exposure button first and then touch the product so that camera knows to expose the product.Focus: here also you'll have to touch the focus button first and then touch your product so that camera knows to focus the product.Lock: when you're finished adjusting each camera setting, you'll make sure to tap each one again to lock the settings.Shooting photos now all settings have been adjusted, and it's time to press the big round button in order to create photos.Using external lenses you'll be able to create photos from different angles, and these photos will increase the appeal of the product.After photos are saved to lightbox in camera+, you'll need to move photos to 'camera roll' so that you can edit them using a photo editing app.Here you'll use adobe photoshop express app to edit your captured photos because this app will give your photos some extra oomph.To do so, you'll have to touch the filmstrip at the bottom of the app, and then select the photos you want to save to camera roll.Editing photos using photoshop express once photos are saved to camera roll, you'll have to open the photo editing app, photoshop express and select the images you would like to edit for making them for the website.In order to use images, you'll have to make the basic enhancements to them: crop & straighten, sharpen, contrast, highlights, shadows, and vibrance.Crop & straighten: the first step of photo editing is to crop and straighten your image.Tap the crop icon at the bottom of the screen to access the options.To crop, you'll have to use your fingers to pull or push the lines at the sides, top and bottom of the screen.To straighten the image, drag the straighten slider left or right until the horizon is perfectly level.To access other tools that photoshop express includes, tap on the correction tools icon (three horizontal lines).First select the tool you want to utilize, and then use the slider beneath the photo to perfect the intensity of the effect.Sharpen tool enhances the detail in individual objects, and it's easy to overdo sharpness so keep the intensity low to avoid compromising image quality.Contrast, highlights, shadows tools allow you to adjust the light level in your image which can incredibly improve the end result.Vibrance feature allows you to quickly adjust the color in your image.Warm up or cool down the color, and make the color more vibrant or muted.After making these basic adjustments, you should notice what difference you can see between the before and after photos.Surely, you'll see a vast quality boost in your edited image, as we did.Conclusion well? have your mind blown? i expect you'll love this photo shooting technique so much since it's easy and budget-friendly.I can't tell you how many times i sought a dslr camera alternate to shoot product photos for squeezing my shooting cost.Let me know what you think in the comments, and please don't hesitate to fire any questions my way if anything is unclear.

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