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Farm Waste Utilization Through Briquetting Plant

Farm waste utilization is one of the areas that need consistent attention.Decreasing land holding and stagnant crop productivity has made the agricultural activities non-remunerative.So, there is a need to utilize the farm waste to stop soil erosion.The biomass briquetting plant uses such kind of waste to manufacture energy resource briquettes.The briquette plant provides a new dimension in the form of industry based on the agro waste utilization as an alternative fuel which is the need of the hour.The straw to grain ratio varies from 1:1 to 1:5, taking the lower limit for the estimation of minimum availability of residues, hence about 552.08 million tonnes of farm residues is available for use.Mostly the agro-residues are used as a cattle feed, domestic fuel, thatching, manure, animal bed, fuel in brick kilns and rest is burnt or just left in the fields for decay.The loose biomass materials having a low bulk density make it difficult to collect, transport and store.The biomass briquette press machine is the densification technology that recycles the agro-residues and form a cylindrical log briquette that can be used as a source of energy.Hence, by briquetting process, the transportation, storage and utilization of the loose waste materials has become easy.Due to the shortage of coal and other fuels, the need of alternate fuel rises.The only solution is to convert the agricultural and forestry waste into the renewable energy resource that can be used as a fuel.Along with energy utilization, the briquette plant manufacturer offers an enterprise for rural youth to create employment.Hence, the briquetting plant can be used for energy production in the following sectors: cooking : in hotels, houses, restaurants & canteens steam generation : in industrial boilers metal melting : in forge & foundries space heating : in hotels & houses gasification : as a fuel for gasifiers other applications : in brick kilns, tea curing, lamination & fabrication units, ceramic units, etc.The thermal potential of the most of the biomass varies between 80-90 % than that of the black coal.If all the agricultural waste is converted into the biofuel briquettes, it can replace 184 million ton of coals.And it can produce total 9.2 gj energy which is approximately 60-65 % of the average energy shortfall of the country.This manufacturing plant helps the farmer to earn money from their farm waste.Also, various subsidies available on this plant by the government, hence start using the biomass briquette plant to protect our valuable nature in an economically feasible way.

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