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Find Here White Coal Project White Coal Machine In India

Bio-coal development is becoming vital due to a lot of factors including the shortage of the fossils as well as increasing the cost of natural gas, oil, and electricity.So the white coal machine is the best alternative to the fossil fuels and also lowers the greenhouse gas emissions.They even act as a ready substitute of the coal in industrial boiler and brick kiln.This machine usually collects and compresses the solid agro or forest waste under high pressure and temperature and then converts it into the high-density briquettes called as white coal.It takes the raw materials like cotton plants, groundnut shells, forest leaves, caster seed shells, wood chips, baggasse, cotton flower, rice husk, arhar stalks, mustard waste, coffee husk, sunflower waste, maize stalks, sugarcane leaves bajra cobs, tree bark, sawdust,coir dust, bamboo leaves, wild grasses, shrubs.The white coal briquettes are not conventional, renewable source, affordable, pollution free, and earth friendly.The white coal machine even doesn't need any binder or chemicals for the production of bio-coal.The need for white coal: today the fuel and energy provider emits carbon and other greenhouse gases in the air, and that is why global warming is hiking with each passing day.With the rapid depletion of energy resources and reserves, there is a need for the energy resource that solves the energy problems.There is no ash when you burn white coal generated via white coal machine plus it is quite cheaper in comparison to the black coal and firewood.Combustion is more uniform and faster due to the presence of the volatile matter in the white coal.They have high burning efficiency, easily transportable, and better quality in comparison to other fuels.Usually, oil and coal have high sulfur content that pollutes the environment, but the white coal is easy to burn and have ignition temperature.It is free from any toxic gas emissions and even has no odor.The bio-coal is inflammable since it contains high density and fixed carbon value.How white coal project helps in improving economy? white coal project is beneficial for the environment as it conserves natural resources, allows the consumers to earn a significant profit, and also empowers the sustainable growth in the economy.Thus, it improves the standard of living of the agriculturists.Government is also encouraging the biomass briquette plant project by offering a lot of incentives and relaxation on the on briquetting plant production.In india, the subsidy for the biomass briquette plant differs depending upon the government taxes.Incentives offered by the indian government for biomass briquette machine include: -the government provides 35% subsidy on the cost of the plant -no income tax for the first 5years -no need of noc from state pollution boards -80% depreciation on the capital cost in the initial years.

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