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Find The Best Pellet Mill Equipment At Simec

Henan based sinovo machinery engineering co.(simec) happens to be the leading supplier for plants and equipments, which are needed for wood pellet, agro-waste pellet, bio-coal pellet, biomass burner, pellet burner, and other pellet mill equipment.The company is specialized in doing research of the various applications using biomass energy.The basis of all the research and equipment engineering is the promotion of its applications.The utilization of biomass energy has an influence on the energy structure across the world.While, on one hand, fossil energy is getting depleted, on the other hand, the utilization of the bio-energy leads to wastage.So, for the betterment of our future generations, they have tried to develop a technology, which is highly efficient and utilizes the biomass materials.Simec manufactures over 50 different kinds of machinery.And, this range includes the drug chipper, log debarker, shredder, dryer, hammer crusher, cooler, sifter, muyang pellet mill, bagging machines, etc.Other than these machinery, they also provide the spare parts for all these machines.So, if the machines have any requirement for spare parts or auxiliary parts, such as the conveyors and the electrical control systems, simec can be approached.Pellet mills: the pellet mills of simec are completely professional machines.And, these are used for biomass pellet.These have been created after a lot of research and development.The machines are specially equipped with the rollers and high quality die and uses an advanced technology.For the driving system, the machine uses a double motor v belt.This belt is of uniform stress, easy operation, simple structure and occupies little space.The users would be able to change the motor and the die for meeting the various needs, as per the production specifications.So, this definitely gives the ideal economy and technology effect.Simec provides 5 different varieties of ring die pellet mills.These can be used for making wooden pellets from the different raw materials such as wood and biomass.The spm series of pellet mills are used for pelletizing the hard wood sawdust.Shredder machines: the shredder machines are used for shredding the plastic bottles, waste tyres, and various other things.The shredding is made so much easier with these machines.Staff strength: there are about 120 staff in the company, which include 30 engineers, 5 senior engineers and various technicians.The staff has a good technical strength and knowledge, and they ensure that the product quality is not compromised with.In fact, simec happens to be the leading provider of shredders and all kinds of pellet mills.They also have the waste tyre shredder machine for sale on their site.Their business is not only spread in china, but they have an overseas presence as well.They provide the most affordable and cheapest machines, which extremely efficient and are of high quality.If you wish to get more information on all the pellet machines and other plants and equipments, check out the site simecplant.Com.You will be amazed at their range of products.

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