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First Choice Of Artificial Sand Making Machine Hxjq Vsi Sand Maker

In our country, the first application of artificial application began in 1960 s construction of guizhou maotiaohe hydropower station, which opened the our country application processing technology research and artificially by off.The station is at the beginning by the performance of the backward hammer crusher production artificial sand, and smaller.At that time, the application of artificial in domestic production and application is still in a blank, and how to implement the mechanic processing technology of artificial application process design, equipment selection of sand and how to improve product quality and reduce the production cost is to explore the problems in practice, since then artificial application processing technology into a long exploration stage, in this period has been extended first century at the end of the 80s.From the beginning of the application needs natural sand began, mainly used in construction, highway, but with limited resources, and increased demand, we began to artificial production application.Application in our country the use of artificial processing technology from the s began, then after groping stage, mature stage, to the present continuous innovation widely used stage, china's artificial mechanic of the development of the technology application has reached the international advanced level.Artificial sand processing technology, processing equipment and the process is very important.In the 90 s, the pace of the hydropower development began to speed up.For example of xiaolangdi, the three gorges and a number of large hydropower engineering construction successively, application for artificial processing technology provides the opportunity of the mature once in a blue moon.And these are the project by foreign direct participation, bring many manual processing technology and its application of the material advanced equipment, this for our country the artificial application processing technology mature played a positive role in promoting.Vsi series high vertical shaft impact crusher is red star heavy industry and the german experts, combined with working conditions of the results of the latest design, is the present domestic exclusive production with the world's advanced level of high performance of sand blasting equipment.This system sand machine is special for highway, high speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal, hydropower dam construction, concrete mixing station provides high quality sand aggregate, is the artificial sand and stone field of plastic device of choice.Many domestic mining machinery manufacturer began to independent research and development, product quality and services have been greatly improved.Impact crusher (the sand machine) to begin to introduce artificial application in production, become the main equipment of artificial sand, this one phase continued to the beginning of 21 century in the 21st century later, baise, longtan hydropower, such as in large hydropower station xiaowan construction, showing that china's history of hydropower construction into the heyday.And these engineering without exception is using artificial application as aggregate, china's artificial application processing technology innovation and application provides the opportunity.The third create sand machine also launched, 5 x machine set of sand gravel breakage and plastic and integration, outstanding cost-effective, reliability in similar products in the field.

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