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Five Essentials Every Braai Master Needs

While a true braai master can produce the most scrumptious meat using his skills and trademark techniques alone, there are indeed a few essentials out there that can certainly make life easier.Here are the top five essentials that every braai master should have in his arsenal.A tasty savoury seasoning sometimes, no matter how good the cut of meat, the overall experience can be dampened if the food has not been properly seasoned.A tasty savoury seasoning, such as a peri-peri seasoning, goes a long way towards creating a mouth-watering result.Quick tip: it is important to season more than just the meat.Make use of a delicious cheese seasoning on your potato salad, for example, and you will have your guests begging for more! a mielie grid a braai simply isn't complete without some decadent mielies.A classic mielie grid makes it so much easier to cook these veggies to perfection - and it is really affordable, too! a nifty branding iron take your cooking to the next level and make your mark on those lip-smacking steaks with a nifty, personalised branding iron! it is sure to put a smile on the faces of your guests.Don't want to brag? as an alternative, consider buying the branding iron as a gag gift for one of your mates.A cool condiment gun why settle for boring squeeze bottles when you can use an exciting condiment gun instead? there is space for both ketchup and mustard - or any other sauce that you prefer.The kids will love it and, let's face it, the adults will too! a handy meat thermometer as all braai masters know, different people prefer their steaks cooked in a variety of different ways.Some prefer meat that is practically still moo-ing, while others enjoy it well-done.This can often pose a challenge, especially when you are trying to do so many things at once.Let's be honest here - everyone knows that men are not skilled when it comes to multi-tasking.So, in an effort to avoid serving your squeamish guest a still-bleeding steak, buy a meat thermometer and make it your reliable side-kick.For example, a rare steak should measure between 38-51 degrees celsius, whereas a well-done steak is ready when it measures approximately 70 degrees celsius.So, there you have it, folks.Every essential item and tool that you need in order to ensure an amazing braai experience with your loved ones.Now go out there and show them how it's done!.

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