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Fly Ash Bricks Increase The Durability And Strenght Of Your Homes

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention.This has been aptly proved by the fact that the invention of flay ash bricks was a direct result of the scarcity of conventional bricks which had resulted in a lot of pending and unfulfilled orders.With fly ash being abundantly available, the need for bricks was fulfilled by the invention of fly ash brick making machines which churned out huge batches of fly ash bricks thereby ending the crisis.Chemical composition of fly ash the ash produced when coal is combusted is known as fly ash in industrial terms.The composition of these fly ash particles doesn't only depend on the type of coal that is burnt but also on the source from where they are obtained.Typically fly ash is generally made up of.(1) crystalline and amorphous silicon di-oxide or sio2 and (2) calcium oxide or cao use of fly ash as bricks from among the numerous ways in which fly ash is used, making bricks is a very important aspect since they are rapidly gaining popularity all across the world due to the strong and durable nature of these bricks.Making of fly ash bricks fly ash bricks are made in special devices known as the fly ash brick making machine which have a production capacity of more than 1000 bricks per hour.Some of the salient features of these machines are.(1) bricks are made in sizes which can be customized and embossed as per the requirements of the customers.(2) these machines can either be manually operated or automated (3) automatic machines are hydraulic and fully automated even using an automatic conveyor belt for the transfer of bricks (4) manual machines have a lesser output than the automatic machines.(5) the mixture used for making fly ash bricks generally includes fly ash, lime sludge, iron oxide, quarry waste etc.The actual process of making these bricks using the brick making machine can be summarized into four parts: (a) all the different raw materials of the fly ash mixture are separately put into a pan mixer and mixed using the required quantity of water.(b) this mixture is then transferred into moulds where high pressure is applied to them at a very slow rate in specially designed machines.(c) these moulded bricks are then stored for three days in a covered space so that they can set.(d) lastly they are cured with water for 15 to 20 days after which they are sorted and dispatched.Advantages of using a fly ash brick maker there are some advantages associated with the use of these fly ash brick making machines, some of which are: (1) the total number of bricks produced in a day is much more than when they are hand made and kiln burnt.(2) the ability of these machines to hold the pressure at any particular time increases the strength of these fly ash bricks thereby increasing their longevity and making them less prone to wear and tear.(3) the use of these machines reduces production costs as very less manpower is needed to operate them.

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