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Future Development Trend Analyses Of China Sand Industry

Three main targets in view of china's building materials development environment, sand industry to the following three goals: 1,cone crusher manufacturer conservation of resources, development mechanism of the sand.Now natural sand and mechanism of the sand production 50%, with fewer resources and natural sand to meet the needs of the environmental protection, the trend of the future is to develop mechanism mainly sand.2, to the technology to benefit, the thorough industrial construction.At present,china sand washer our whole society has entered into industrialization period, sand industry in some backbone enterprise in the factory management, equipment and automation degree of mechanization level have made great achievements.Sand industrialization must go to the above aspects hard practice, if these aspects catch is bad, to some extent they can't keep up with the pace of the whole social industrialization, step can't keep up with family couldn't keep up with, later on after the process of industrialization costs will be greater.It can not only meet the sand industrialization management and benefit, to change from the concept.China sand washer first sand industry to set high standards, which will bring out chain effect, followed closely by the mode of operation is will be adjusted, the management system is changed, the market will get active, such, labor productivity, management level, especially the utilization rate of sand will significantly raise, the quality of sand and ensure the quality of sand system will be effective guarantee, organization guarantee will be more reliable, sand industrialization development will success will come,mobile crushers smooth speeches.3, extensions sand industry chain, increase the added value of the products.The extension of sand industry is the two head up and direction to the mining industry, machinery, processing and manufacturing to development;mobile crushers down to the concrete products, building, where they sat a large space upstream and downstream.Sand enterprise to union, reorganization, the space is larger,mobile crushers able to concrete, cement, mining, machinery manufacturing, sales and other industry together make cross-industry, interdisciplinary integration of industrial clusters, the move is building materials industry the development direction of the next step.Take for cement, now of the cement do their research, while also upstream and downstream industry.Cement industry has developed quickly, the future will continue to develop,impact crushing machine but not to the construction project development direction, but to technology improve the industrial chain extension direction, development, this is an inevitable trend, let cement concrete to industry chain from the terminal.Reference for the development of cement experience, sand industry can completely in this big industry chain extension in thinking determine their position.Joe longde encourage sand to the technology to benefit enterprise, the product processing make added value, mining resource cost and benefit, make full use of the advantage of other industry, good sense to perform one pace reachs the designated position thought, and the courage to go beyond.In the future, the sand industry as building materials of the family in an important one, will get more opportunities for development, the industrial structure will also step on the steps of the new.Joe longde president of sand industry to have great expectations, hope in the next 30 years have a better development, hope for the industry industry staff development, industry and to continue to work hard, make new contribution.Impact crushing machine:www.China-crusher.Com/impact-breaker1.Html.

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