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Get Ready For And Grab The Chances Of 1215 Plan

The infrastructure construction is the basic for driving the demand of the whole mining machinery industry.During the twelfth five-year plan, chinese high-speed railway constructions will speed up further, the demand for clean energy increases constantly and the process of urbanization will speed up increasingly.All these will bring direct benefits for the mining machinery industry.From the point of the international market, this industry has a broad prospect along with the economic recovery after the global financial crisis.The comparative advantage of price brought from the labor cost is an important factor in the stronger competitive of our mining machinery's low-end product.But we also should see that this competitive will be difficult to sustain along with the deepening of the transfer of the economic development mode.And because of this, the high-end product and the product-integrity is the two mainline of the industry development.The two also are the new chance for this industry enterprise to stand out from the competitive and the new chance of achieving the leapfrog development.At present, a new round of technological revolution is in the start-up period, some important areas brew a new breakthrough, the international industrial division and trade pattern will appear a deep-level adjustment.Most of our jaw crusher and other mining machinery industry are at the end of the international industrial division and we will face a serious challenge.Take the construction of our high-speed railway, highway and large port for example, these areas all propose a high reliability, high accuracy requirement of construction machines, so the high-end process of ore beneficiation machines is necessary.The power-integrity of various enterprises and the dominant concentration of different enterprise are the other important driving force for the growth in current industry.View of the state council about the promoting of enterprises integrity is published in 2009.And it takes the machinery manufacturing industry as one of key industries which are promoted by our state.Proved by the fact, speeding up the integrity and walking the way of the high-end product by independent creation is the best way of the economic mode's transfer for the current construction machinery industry.2011 is the first year of "the twelfth five-year plan" and is important for the construction machinery enterprises.It is important and urgent to expand the high-end product success for meeting the market demand and integrate enterprises for achieving internationalization.It is sure that the construction machinery enterprises can have real development prospects only by grabbing the two mainlines.Hongxing machinery is always committing to the research and manufacturing of crushing and grinding equipment like rotary kiln.Meanwhile we also grab this new chance to strengthen the enterprise and improve the product awareness by speeding up the integrity and walking the way of high-end product.Portable crusher:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/10.Html china jaw crusher:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/17.Html.

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