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Golf And When It Begins For Juniors

Junior golf events have taught many people around the world so much when it all began for me childhood memories.We all have them; some sport related, some memories good, some bad.A lot of people i have worked with were either participants in school sports teams, soccer clubs, or played club junior golf.My story today comes from when i was just shy of my seventeenth birthday, a little while after i had started golf.Some of you may already know that sport had been my one and only goal from a very young age, soccer first, then i started tennis at the age of seven.Anyway, cutting a longer story short i got sick due to over exertion at age 13 (that story is for another time) and was unable to carry on.Several months went by with me doing nothing, then i played high level table tennis, got bored of that it seemed too easy with not enough variables and challenges.Then all of a sudden three years or so were gone.I passed this time by being a reckless kid, making mistakes, being the fun, bad guy.In other words, i was lost.Until one day a good friend of mine and i watched a pga golf event on the telly.We decided to go to the local public 9 hole course and i gave golf a bash.It was a riot!!!due to the fortunate gift i have been given of hand eye co-ordination, all the youth sports training, it did come naturally to me for sure, however i worked hard and put the time in.My first real handicap was 10 if i remember correctly after playing in some club events.Only a few months had gone by, and i was asked to play for the club junior golf team, they liked my athletic golf swing that had power and forced long drives.I was sooo chuffed with myself, because i had ignited that competitive fire within me that had been snubbed out for too long.The format for these events was about eight clubs in the region had a team comprising of six players, and every other week during the non-too-horrible weather months in the u.K a club hosted the event, and all clubs would visit on a sunday to compete for the junior golf league championship.It just so happened that my first event was at my own club, and it just so happened that i was in one of the first group going out.This was not fun!i was more nervous than i had ever been in my life, or playing any tennis matches.I did not realise this at the time of course but with golf, you have nobody else to beat, to focus on, to fire up to, it is just you, and only you can stop your self, tennis was a breeze compared to this.So if we do the maths, 6 x 8 plus parents etc = 60 odd people standing around the first tee and adjacent putting green, not to put to fine a point on it.I was petrified.The first guy up hit a decent drive up the 280 yard-ish 1st hole but faded into the rough on the right, not helped by the left to right gradient of the fairway.Second lad piled it into a fern tree fence protecting the clubhouse and nearby houses that catches so many players from the back tees.Now.My turn.I was shaking, i do not have the most amazing fine detail memory usually, but this memory is still vivid.I can remember using the callaway warbird original driver that i had got second hand a week before, i had one practice swing, and i would like to say now that i zoned in, picked my target and focused and delivered a nice smooth swing.Not at all! i recall looking up at the vague direction of the green, back at the ball and the next thing i know i am at my fully released, not so picture perfect finish and blinking trying to see how bad the shot was or worse, hearing it clatter into the fence 30 yards away.What happened next was the moment i fell in love with golf, the challenge, the difficulty, the precision, the thrill.The crowed clapped and awed as the ball pitched just on the front edge of the bank protecting the green and kicked up towards the flag, we could not see from back there where on the green it was but i knew it was somewhere on it.We walked after our drives, and me with a spring in my step and a wry smile knowing what a lucky kid i was, and how lucky that swing was.No idea what was scored that day, i just knew that trying to master golf, the golf swing and the mental game for golf was the hardest challenge i could ever set myself.So i did.

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