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Great Places To Visit In Summer

The following great places are not only the great locations to visit in summer, but they can offer us cultural and visual feast that can leave us lifetime memories and stories.Paris, france.It's not a secret that paris is a great place for summer vacation.We can figure it out from the crowds and high prices.The best is to plan a trip in advance, then just enjoy the amazing weather and historical landmarks that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime.Don't miss going to the top of eiffel tower and visiting mona lisa in louvre.San francisco, california.The famous writer mark twain once said, " a summer in san francisco is the coldest winter i've ever spent." when the cold breeze from the san francisco bay get a little chilly, but the sun is shining and 18~19 ℃ temperature is appreciated if you stroll around this historic city.You won't miss those major attractions: fisherman's wharf, chinatown, alcatraz prison, golden gate bridge.Montreal, quebec.Want to explore european culture without flying across the atlantic? so welcome to montreal.World-class restaurants, historical spots, vibrant music scene and exciting nightlife make montreal became an ideal destination for friends or couples.San juan islands, washington san.Summer is the best time for hiking around the olympic peninsula and watching whales.You can get there by either flying from seattle or by taking a car ferry and drive from one island to another.Hike in lime kiln point state park and watch the orcas that also like to visit this place in summer.Traveling by boat can take you close and personal with these gentle giants.With bike trails, comfortable hotels and charming weather, this is a great summer resort for the family.Glacier bay national park, alaska.Stick with the whale-watching theme, the next summer spot on the list is alaska's glacier bay national park.The best way to visit this magical place is traveling by cruises.This park is home to humpback whales, porpoises, moose, black and brown bear, mountain goats, and mountain peaks that top 15,000 feet.The cruise ships will pass by deep fjords, coastal forests, and seven active glaciers that continue to split into the bay.Yes, you can see the huge ice breaking from the glacier and crashing into the ocean! maui, hawaii.Beautiful beaches? yes.Exotic marine life? yes.Golf, hiking and volcano? yes.Maui offers the family all enjoyments under the sun.You can get everything there, shopping, diving, surfing courses, waterfalls, visiting volcanoes by helicopter, holy hot springs, deep-sea fishing.The most difficult thing you have to do is to pack up and go home.

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