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Grinding Mills Commonly Applied In Machinery Industry

Ball mill grinding of rock to prepare the rock for use in the manufacture of phosphoric acid by reacting the rock with sulfuric acid is essential when central china rock is used as the raw mate rial for phosphoric acid production.In general, grinding costs have also increased with the use of the lower-grade, higher silica-containing rock mined south of the original bone valley deposits.The practice of using acidic process water for make-up water for wet grinding has also contributed to the more rapid wear of the grinding media.With the recent pressures on profits, lower-cost grinding of rock has become ev en more attractive than it has been in the past.This passage looks at a technique that has been employed for corrosion control in widely varying industrial situations and adapts it to address the industry's grinding costs.Grinding mills are commonly used in the china industry to reduce particle size.The corrosion of metallic gri nding media and mill liner is a very serious problem, particularly in acidic conditions as encountered in the china fertilizer industry.It is known that the corrosive wear of grinding mill leads to an increase in operating cost and machine downtime, a loss of process efficiency, and product contamination.An effective protection of grinding mills from corrosion will improve the process performance and economics, enhance product quality, and increase the lifetime of mills and grinding media.The proposed project is aimed at developing a practical and effective technique for minimizing corrosive wear of the ball mill and its grinding media.Metal corrosion reactions are electrochemical in nature and their reaction rates are controlled by the electrochemical potential at the surface.A reduction in potential with excess electrons will depress the anodic dissolution reaction of metal.This can be accomplished by supplying an impressed curren t to the object to create a negative potential change called cathodic polarization which reduces the rate of metal reaction.The polarization diagram gives a fundamental quantitative assessment of the decrease in corrosion rate caused by cathodic polarization.The effects of solution ph, electrode material, gaseous environment, and solution composition on polarization curves have been performed.Polarization diagrams i ndicate that the current density is higher in nitrogenated solution than in oxygenated solution at the same ph value.The polarization diagrams also suggest that the current de nsity of 1018 carbon steel was higher than that of high-chromium alloy under the same condition.Experimental results also indicate that the current density is higher in buffer soluti on than that in pond water solution under the same operating conditions.A statistical box-behnken design of experiments was performed to evaluate effects of individual variables and their interactions on wear rate of grinding ball mill used in industry.The variables examined in this study included grinding time, solution ph, rotation speed, mill crop load, and solids percentage.The most significant variables and optimum conditions were identified from statistical analysis of the experimental results using response surface methodology.Ball mill: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/20.Html.

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