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Guangzhou International Biomass Energy Exhibition 2012

Cnibee 2012 will be held in area a, china import and export fair pazhou complex from august 21,2012 to august 23.To meet the requirements of the majority of exhibitors, it prepares 12000 square meters for 300 exhibitors at home and abroad.With the support of 40 international renewable energy organizations, 300 international media and 30 cctv-based mass media, the exhibition is expected to attract 16,000 visitors coming from more than 40 countries.There will be 16,000 visitors, who are mainly coming from china mainland, hongkong,taiwan,germany,france,italy,usa,canada,england,australia,nigeria,india,malaysia,senegal,singapore,mongolia,vietnam,madagascar,united states of america, kenya, iran, bolivia, pakistan, south korea, japan, the czech republic, spain, bangladesh, chile, united arab emirates, algeria, south africa, new zealand, brazil, philippines, ukraine, nepal,etc ◆biomass power generation: biomass power generator sets, biomass gasification power generation system equipment, straw power generation, garbage power generation and biogas generating set.◆ biomass energy fuel: liquid fuel (biological diesel oil, lignocellulose transformation ethyl alcohol and so on), solid fuel, gaseous fuel (methane, biological system hydrogen) biological plastic; biological diesel oil transform, biomass pelleting equipment, the special boiler and generator, heat and power cogenerating systems, energy crop's breeding and cultivation, transplant with the harvest tools, ethyl alcohol pilot plant, methane installment technology and equipment; ◆ biomass gas combustion boiler:straw stalk gasifier, biomass heating, drying plant, pellet gasification combustion boiler, fireplace, biomass burn-fired smoke elimination boiler, straw gasifier, the grinder, sn high efficient biomass gasification plant; ◆ biogase technology: methane biology hametz, the fermentation enzyme, methane fitting, methane technology, methane products(moors gas stove, lamp, tube and so on); ◆ biomass solid particle fuel compression molding machine, straw briquetting machine, densification molding equipment, pyrolysis plant, granulation machine, granular fuel, the gasifier, gasified system, gasification timber dryer, thermal gasification drying equipment, burn-fired smoke elimination boiler, compression equipment, fuel gas producer furnace, straw stalk fuel shaper, gasification power generation system equipment; ◆ biomass combustion technology (including stove combustion technology, boiler combustion power technology and biomass coal technology), biomass gasification power generation technology and biomass liquefied technology, biological alcohol, diesel oil manufacturing equipment and technology.Target visitors: ◆government bodies and agencies, scientific research units, associations, energy policy-making agents; ◆biomass energy product and equipment enterprises ◆bio-fuel power plants, electric power plan research institutes, power plants (stations), electricity companies, electricity power project companies, electrical installing companies; ◆trash power plants ◆biomass product with industry use unit and heating unit; ◆agricultural/forestry/raising livestock/cultivation unit hospital ◆hotels, academies, banks & financial institutes ◆solid and waste supervisory departments; ◆business agents, dealers, project developers, import-export companies ◆investment institutions, law offices and public accounting firms.

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