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Guide To Ceiling Fan Installation And Troubleshooting Problems

Ceiling fans have been the most important household appliance regardless of the availability of the coolers and the air conditioners.Using a ceiling fan for cooling a space is the best way to lower down the energy bills without disturbing the comfort factor.Installing ceiling fan is simple if the right process is known.But, it is always suggested not to take the risk of doing it yourself.It is always better to call the electricians of polar, a reputed ceiling fans manufacturer in india, to do the task.They will be there on or before the given time to do the needful.To work with an electrical appliance like a ceiling fan, the electricians follow some safety measures to reduce any personal injury and any damage to the property.Prior to beginning the installation, they make sure to shut off the power at the circuit breaker they check the installation site so that there is no obstruction they check all the electric connections comply with the local codes how the installation is done? what are the steps for installing a ceiling fan? let's see actually, installing a ceiling fan is not so difficult.The installation time depends on the type of the ceiling fan.The main tools used by the experts for the task are pliers, ladder, screwdrivers, and wire strippers.The steps are: - mounting bracket installation assembling motor housing wiring the ceiling fan connecting the fan wiring with the receiver wires connecting the wire receiver with the supply line connecting the wires to the wall control canopy installation attaching the blades switch housing sync wall controlling and finally, the ceiling fan testing for all individuals who use ceiling fans, might have encountered several problems after using the fans for a continuous time period.So, now, let's move on to the section of the solutions to these performance problems of ceiling fans.Troubleshooting:- the ceiling fan may not work on all speeds after using it for some time: -this is one of the most common issues that occur due to the blown capacitor.If the capacitor gets burned, a little amount of electricity will be carried to the motor.This will make the fan stuck at one speed.Ceiling fan is not spinning at all: - if the problem is a minor one then it can be easily fixed or else the electricians need to be called for repairing it or replacing it.The ceiling fan is wobbling: - in this type of problem, the ceiling fan starts shaking while running due to many reasons.The reason can be the loose screws, the bent blade brackets, and the dusty fan blades.But, nothing to worry, the electricians of the your trusted online appliance stores are always there to fix these issues.The fan is making noise: - out of so many problems, this is one of the most common ones.After using the appliance for a long time, sometimes the fan starts making shrill or screaming noise.But, the problem will not stay for long if the experts of polar are called at the right time.The lights of the ceiling fan is not working: - if the lights are not working then get in touch with the customer care service.The problem will be solved within a couple of hours after the complain is registered.The appliance is not reversing: - for the winter days, the reversing of the fan blades really helps in circulating warmer air.If the user is having a problem in reversing the blades then he or she is always welcome to reach the store and request for solving this issue.The fan is not able to circulate air with efficiency: - it may happen that due to accumulation of dust particles the parts of the fan stop working with more efficiency.In this case the user can clean it by himself or herself and if still there is the same problem then he or she can take the help of the electricians.Installing the appliance correctly can keep such issues at a good distance for a longer time.But, if still there are such problems then it is the best idea to either call or mail the customer care service of the store.The problem will be solved in a few hours for sure.

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