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High Chrome Blow Bars With Long Service Life For Impact Crushers Spares

So far, there is a new kind of blow bars,which have a longer service life than the blow bars with traditional high chromium iron raw materials.Did you choose the right kind of blow bar for your impact crusher spares? the wearing of crusher spares have a lot of reasons, and the wearing of the blow bar is one of the main reason for the impact crusher.Naturally, the impact crusher need to store lots of spare parts then can arrange the production because the service time of ordinary blow bar is very short.So the cost is very high.Also there are two reasons about the short service life of the impact crusher 's blow bars: one is the raw materials of the blow bar is not right, the other is that the structure is not right for your impact crusher.Dsmac's blow bar can solve these problems.The impact crusher 's blow bar from dsmac have many advantages and particular features.1.Employ the external refining technology, effectively reduced the harmful elements, impurity, oxygen and hydrogen harm, greatly enhanced the abrasion resistance and impact toughness of the steel.2.Using proprietary metamorphic agent for modification treatment, fine grains, improve carbide configuration and distribution, and to improves the abrasion resistance and tenacity.3.Optimizing heat treatment process make the product hardness, impact abrasion resistance becoming stronger.The most important is the manganese blow bars is manufactured with hypereutectic super high chromium, and have a service life 50~100% longer than those made of traditional high romium iron.The special processing techniques ensure dsmac's blow bars have leading performance.Also high chrome steel blow bar minimize the likelihood of blow bar breakage.Except the blow bars, dsmac also produces different kinds of other crusher spares such as cone concave , jaw plate , the crusher rotor, different kinds of hammers and so on.About dsmac dsmac, china's leading manufacturer specialized in mining equipment and crusher parts, possesses 3ph.D.Of economics, 5 mba senior management, 2 national experts, and 28 senior engineers.More information about dsmac is available at http://www.Crusher-spare-parts.Com/ dsmac grouplerry liu, chief marketin officers phone: +86-371-6789-7681 e-mail: [email protected] skype: dsmac1997 msn: [email protected] article source: http://www.Crusher-spare-parts.Com/news/19.Html.

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