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High Pressure Suspension Grinder And Coal Mill

Hi-pressure suspension grinder(high pressure mill) is a new type product, which is developed on the basis of raymond grinder.Compared with the raymond grinder, under the function of strongpressure spring, the pressure between roller and materials can be improved by 1500kgf; the output can be improved by 10% under the same powder condition.The machine are widely used in grinding more than 320 noninflammable and nonexplosive materials with a moth's hardness below 9.4 scale, a humidity below 6%, such as barite, calcite, limestone, potash, ceramic, slag, glass, manganese, chrome and other materials used in mining, construction, chemical and metallurgy.The sizes of powder can be controlled ranging from 80 to 480 meshes, minimum size can reach 1000 meshes.By being equipped particular parts, the high pressure mill can produce thick powders ranging from 30 to 80 meshes and output will be higher.Feature of high-pressure suspension grinder:1.High capacity.2.Wide size range of final product3.National dust-dump standard.4.Easy to adjust separator.5.Multi-class seals coal has four major markets: electric utilities, industrial/retail users, the steel industry and exports.Electric utilities use more than 86 percent of the coal produced in the united states.Upon close examination, it is clear that price has been a major deciding factor in coal's increased use.More than 57 percent of the electricity generated in the united states comes from coal.In an electric power plant, coal, like oil and natural gas, is burned to produce heat.The heat is used to change water into steam.The steam then turns the blades of a turbine, spinning the generator, producing electricity.Before the coal is burned it is crushed and pulverized to the consistency of face powder.Coal's second largest market is industrial and retail users.Among the industries using coal, the largest consumers are chemical manufacturers, users of stone, clay and glass, paper mills, primary metal industries and the food industry.Industry uses coal as a chemical feedstock to make dyes, insecticides, fertilizers, explosives, synthetic fibers, food preservatives, ammonia, synthetic rubber, fingernail polish, medicines, etc.The third largest market is the iron and steel industry, where coal is used to made into coke.Coke is derived from bituminous coal through heating in airtight ovens.The lack of air prevents the coal from burning and converts some of the solids to gases leaving coke.The fourth market segment is exports.The top five foreign markets are canada, japan, italy, netherlands and brazil.U.S.Coal di.

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