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Hongxing Does A Good Job Leading The Industry

Over the past six decades, in the process of china's development, the black 'gold' has continuously driven the development of mining and construction industry.Meanwhile, the coal mining technology has progressively evolved from blast mining, semi-mechanization and mechanization to electrical, automated and numerical mining.During the past sixty years, fully-mechanized supporting equipment has been developed from single props to chock shield and then to thin seam powered support, large inclined angle powered support, top caving powered support and large mining height fully-mechanized powered support; the output of single face has increased from less than million tons to over ten million tons; for the fully-mechanized mining equipment, instead of completely introducing technology from others, hongxing machinery has independently researched and developed, designed and manufactured products with our own intellectual property rights, leading the developing direction of coal mining equipment manufacturing industry in the world.And furthermore our company is exporting her technology to the world.Hongxing manufactured 5-meter powered supports for datong coal mine group in 2001 and manufactured 5.5-meter powered supports for shanxi jincheng coal group; in 2005, we manufactured 4.5-meter powered supports for shenhua coal group.These supports were the first set of indigenous powered supports that replaced imported ones and it was also the first set of china's high-end powered supports.The products broke the monopoly of overseas mining machinery tycoons in shenhua coal mining equipments market.Since then, zmj has held absolute advantages in the field of development and manufacture of powered roof supports all over the world.In 2005, our company researched and developed 6.2-meter powered supports for jincheng coal group and in 2007 manufactured 6.3-meter powered supports for shenhua coal group.In 2007, the prototype of 6.5 meter powered support came into being; and in 2009, the highest powered roof support with mining height of 7 meters was successfully developed and manufactured here in our group.In a manner of speaking, hongxing people have witnessed the developing history of china's fully-mechanized supporting rotary kiln equipment.Continuous development makes it the most advanced jaw crusher manufacturer in aspect of the world's fully-mechanized coal mining technology and constant innovation enables it at the peak of the mining machinery manufacturing industry.Here in hongxing machinery, we fully understand that quality is the key to a company's survival.With an understanding that customer service is a part of our quality guarantee, we place much importance on ensuring our customers' satisfaction.To that end, we provide a one year guarantee on our products, and a technical support team to help with any difficulty you may have, so you can feel secure in purchasing any of our cone crushers, sand-washing machines, cooling machines, etc.Rotary kiln: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/23.Htmljaw crusher: http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/1.Html.

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