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Hongxing Grinding Mill With Low Energy Consumption

This machine has made a great improvement in the structure compared with the traditional one.Its cylinder and supporting fame compose an integral system, thus, when it is being fixed, it will be hung on the foundation once.Equipped with double-tiered centripetal roller bearing, its power consumption will be reduced by 30%.The intrinsic grill pattern forcing discharge is replaced by overall pattern controlling discharge, which enhances the fineness of final product, and meanwhile increase the capacity by 15-20%.In its operation, there is fixed factors such as: the ore hardness, the particle size after crushing, and the bar grizzly sieve pore, the model, and the steel quality.And those factors are established in the early stage of the machine design and milling technology.It is a common phenomenon that nowadays many mineral selecting factories have problems of unreasonable design, improper equipment installation, or unqualified quality.Following is the presentation of those factors: the machine's installation is a centric and the gearing mesh between the gearwheel and pinion deviate.Its speed reducer gear in the transmission part has sand hole.After the equipment is installed and in operation, the gear-wear problem will appear.The equipment model: different ball mill types can satisfy different products technology demands.This factor must be considered and chosen carefully when making mill design.The points which can embody the operator manipulation skills are whether they can master the daily modulator main technical parameters with high efficiency.The main parameters are: the water supply, the machine ore discharge mouth water filling condition and the feeding amount.When the raymond mill cylinder rotates, the steel will be brought to certain height.Due to the gravity of the steel grinding, it falls down along certain orbit.The machine steel grinding is pressed by two forces: one is the force pressed from the tangential direction when the barrel rotates; the other is the force which is symmetrical to the steel grinding diameter, and this acting force is generated by the sliding due to the device steel grinding self weight.So the previous two forces will constitute a pair of couple to any steel grinding.Because the steel grindings are squeezed between the barrel and the adjacent steel grindings, the couple will generate the big or small friction resistance between the steel of the machine, and so the steel grindings of different layers will revolute with the barrel axis center.In the area, the equipment steel grinding drops down so the strong impact crusher function are made to the ore in the barrel.When the steel grinding falls down, the impact force is produced, so the grinding mill steel grinding will do intense and disordered movements.Ball mill: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/20.Htmlraymond mill: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/11.Html.

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