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Hongxing Has A Powerful Saying In Impact Crusher

This machine manufactured by hongxing machinery is acknowledged in its field long time ago.It can operate smoothly with the advantages of energy saving and high efficiency.This series of crushers can process the material with the side length of 100 to 500mm and the compression strength can reach 350mpa.Then have the advantages of big reduction ratio and cubic shape after the crushing of materials.Small gravel pits in the past often used jaw type crusher as secondary crusher, at present, medium and large gravel pit begin to apply the main cone breaking equipment.In some special occasions, such as requiring cubic granular ore products particularly strict (i.E., particles less flakiness), often used as a crusher secondary or tertiary crushing equipment, such as high-grade company building the road in china quarry commonly used by the type of equipment.Outside the city of reinforced concrete construction waste recycling is very popular, so, the use of impact crusher is very common for the main equipment.This machine with rotor diameter and effective length as the standard criteria for the classification, the gap between domestic and foreign products is mainly typical product design and wear-resistant material aspects.(a) product design the same specifications host domestic and foreign products of similar quality, however, the quality of domestic products, a small chassis, the quality of large rotor frame counter, and the quality of domestic products and the rotor casing large, back frame lower mass.As the quality of the rotor is small, small moment of inertia, drag the motor power is also small, especially in the crushing hard rock with a hope to obtain the processing power when a small particle is low.In addition, the crusher back cavity-shaped design, the different needs of the counter-plate size and plate hammer to adjust the replacement, etc., domestic and foreign sand maker products, the difference in design is also very obvious.These aspects of poor design, not only affect product quality, but also to the use, its maintenance has also brought a lot of inconvenience.(b) wear-resistant materials as a secondary or tertiary crushing of the jaw crusher, crushing hard materials in the main time base plate wear parts high chrome cast iron hammer, our standards of high chromium cast iron (resistant white cast iron) for small parts.For large parts (such as a few hundred kilograms of plate hammer) quality control standards are not complete, console makers do not manufacture wear-resistant materials, so the quality of board hammer and easy to wear parts out of control.Moreover, many enterprises lack the necessary casting production quality control conditions, therefore, the same working conditions, the vulnerability of domestic life is often a difference of 1 times.Raymond mill:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_22.Html artificial sand maker:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/18.Html.

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