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Hongxing Introduced Business Etiquette To Stuff

Business etiquette is made up of significantly more important things than knowing which fork to use at lunch with a client.Unfortunately, in the perception of others, the devil is in the details.People may feel that if you can't be trusted not to embarrass yourself in business and social situations, you may lack the self-control necessary to be good at what you do.Etiquette is about presenting yourself with the kind of polish that shows you can be taken seriously.Etiquette is also about being comfortable around people (and making them comfortable around you!) how you present yourself to others in the business world speaks volumes.People often form first impressions about others within seconds of first meeting them therefore it is crucial to ensure you are properly prepared to present yourself as a professional.On 17 june, a commercial etiquette training course was held on the conference room by hongxing machinery marketing department.We were deeply impressed by the celebrity forum on the shangdong program, on which the well-known etiquette expert professor jin zhengkun, the renmin university of china professor, make sense of the importance of commercial etiquette on international relations and public relations.After graduation, we have been flocking on some of "hard training", such as computer grade examination, title examination and so on, just for seeking survival and self-development.We just seek these "practical skill"; however, we always neglect the emptiness of inner heart.As the global market grows, the need to understand multiple international standards of business etiquette grows.Research the country you will be working in or visiting; note the proper etiquette, culture and customs for that country.We learned many things through professor jin's forum.There are, however, a few key things to keep in mind in sand maker equipment manufacturing when conducting business internationally: firstly is self-esteem, to respect our career.This a basic criterion to realize the level of staff own.Second is focusing on etiquette norms.As the saying goes "not to the rules are not set blueprints", so we should pay attention on etiquette norms on working.For example, how to call? how to receive guests? what ladies should pay attention for attending formal social party? professor jin uses those trivial things to make a lesson for us.Third is articulate.After we have the awareness of business etiquette, and know how use business etiquette to reach our goals, for example, to build our brand of hongxing into an international mining machinery brand in jaw crusher and professional ball mill industry, so then we should know how to show your respect reasonable to others.That is the art of language.The business etiquette training course is continuing to hold on hongxing.That will change our wrong concept of the business etiquette, so that improve ourselves quality in the further life because our behavior on the international activities or other public activities is a reflection of our own quality.By forging the business etiquette to the daily life at work, then the ritual of seasonal flowers will often open in our heart and the life.Mobile crushers:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/10.Html cement mill:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/61.Html.

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