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Hongxing Takes The Lead In Protecting Environment

Environmental protection has been a basic national policy since the 1980s.The state environmental protection committee was established in 1984 and the first environmental protection law formally issued in 1989.After the united nations conference on environment and development in 1992, china was one of the first countries to formulate and carry out a strategy of sustainable development.In 1993, the environmental resources committee of the npc was set up.So far, the state has promulgated eight laws for environmental protection, 14 laws for management of natural resources and 35 regulations on environmental protection.Environmental protection authorities have publicized over 100 national environmental protection regulations and more than 1,000 local ones.In the guidance of green and environmental protection era, with the approaching of "green revolution" in the painting industry, the impact crusher and sand maker manufactured by hongxing machinery take the lead in taking on the coat of environmental protection.Compared with the traditional paint, this kind of environmentally-friendly paint not has such performance characteristics of not containing apeo and low voc content, but can release negative ions and antibacterial factor, so it not only does not pollute the air, but has special purification effect to the air.However, in the late market research of vibrating screen, hongxing machinery finds that although many customers are not familiar with the concept of environmentally-friendly paint and they have doubts about its efficacy, the majority of customers think that the so-called series of paint with environmental protection characteristics is just a watercooler moment that the manufacturer uses for promotional or a trump card that they use to protect their products from international fierce competition so they also call the cleaning effect in question.As for a machinery company, products qualification needs its excellent management system and honest system to guarantee it, and qualified products not only needs inspection of some relevant departments, but relies on the enterprises itself to maintain in an incessant way.Although some companies passed the qualification test and the result is up to standard, later it just sells products with inferior quality and this phenomenon is very serious and may have a very bad influence.The quality of the crusher manufactured by hongxing machinery not only stand up to the authentication, but the paint is actually tested by experts, so the bad effect in the market will never repeat here.Business reputation will depend on the enterprise itself, so our company will always protect our good faith and do not cheat customers.Impact crusher: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/2.Htmlsand maker: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/58.Html.

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