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It is generally thought that all gold ore is clinquant, as a matter of fact, it is not the case.Gold ore is dark black.The professionals mainly observe its gold content; generally the gold content of every ton can reach two to three grams.So today we are here to disclose the secret of how the gold ore is transform to gold brick.After it is crushed and grinded by two crushers, the big stone will become like a small pebble, and then it is transported to the fine ore bin which is used for conveying the pebbles that have been screened and selected to the stone crushers.Then it will be brought to the transit shipment through the belt conveyor in order for it to be finely crushed by circulate grinder.After being finely crushed, it will be transmitted to the vibrating screen for further screening.From this process on, these rocks will go in to many kinds of machines for mineral grinding.The rock is sent to the ball mill and discharged in the next procedure.The classified and qualified finished products will go into the flotation equipment for mixing together.This machine mix fully the ore pulp, medicine and the air, then the bubble will be formed and floats on the surface, and then the material that contains gold rock will be scraped by the scraper blade and get flowed out through a groove that has been cleaned by clean water.In the end, the whole extracting and purifying process is finished.Flotation out of the black bubbles were swept away into a big box of concentrated preservation, and then with water pump will come out of these cells containing gold filter material, and solid-liquid separation, will be filled with gold material all 'squeeze' come out, ore formation.Kuangfen into the cyanide process, again ground ore, the grinding ore into flour form, and then began to washed ore after purification; such powders turned the present gold mud.And then the golden mud put them in a container into the furnace, the furnace with electricity can produce 1200 ℃ after the high temperature, gold and put in mud into the jinshui soon after.Will fall into the prepared jinshui mold inside, the temperature gradually receded, for condensation jinshui, then will die out, gold products will be poured out, then it becomes the glittering gold brick.The gold content of the rock in different regions should be different, so hongxing machinery friendly recommends you to invest with cautiousness and carefulness.Stone crusher: http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/1.Htmlbelt conveyor: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/49.Html.

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