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How Biomass Briquetting Plant Is Working

Now one important thing we have to think that how a biomass briquetting plant is working? so let's understand that how it works? all wastage which is generally divested and useless but we have to try to make useful it in a this way.First of all wastage gathered and differentiate as per the raw material requirement.Jute waste, bagass, almond shell these are the dry content so we can directly make briquettes though briquetting press machine.But in some area material is moisture and available in a large piece like sugar-cane waste so directly we cannot implement it in briquetting plant.Flash air dryer: if there is moisture content then raw material we can not directly implement in briquetting machine but there is a need of flash air dryer.Dryer works on one important matter that is raw material dry completed and we can directly put it in a bio coal briquetting machine.And briquettes are ready then , we can give shape it as we want.But generally it is in cylindrical form.Cutter/crusher: if the raw material is available in large pieces so we can not put it directly in briquetting machine so there is a need of the cutter / crusher machine.The cutter works to cut raw material and maintain size as per briquetting machine is able to grind raw material.Generally straw type waste like coconut leaves, cotton stalks having size above 100 mm must be crushed in the crusher & afterwards this crushed material is ready to feed in the briquetting machine directly.Hammer mill: another requirement to make briquettes is hammer mill.The word itself suggest that what it works? if raw material hammer mills are used to make a powder form of agriculture and forestry waste.The material with 0-100 mm is fed in the conveyor.It goes to hammer mill from the conveyor where it is ground with lots of blades which are there in the hammer mill.After filtering, the particle material having 0 to 25 mm size is passed in the cyclone.And powder form is available and it is directly used in our briquetting machine.So this is a simple process to make briquettes.And if raw material size is proper then no need to install all machines only biomass briquetting machine is able to make briquettes.Environmental problems can be removed with the growing usage of briquetting machine because it converts all wastage into solid fuel.Gov.Also provides subsidy who wants to install their own briquetting plant.Radhe industrial corporation offer the best quality equipment to generate renewable sources of energy through biomass briquettes.

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