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How Briquetting Press Machine Is Reducing The Carbon Footprint On The Earth

The carbon footprint is the sum of all emissions of carbon dioxide that are generated by human activities.It is generally calculated for the time period of a year.The greenhouse gases of the atmosphere act like mirror due to which they reflect back into the earth's atmosphere due to heat radiation.The higher the concentration of greenhouse gas, more heat will be generated on the earth's surface.According to a report, it has been estimated that about ten thousand trees are cut to meet the energy requirement of industries and humans only in india.This systematic felling of natural forestation has created a negative impact on the environment and endangering our lives.Since the government of india is aware of this situation, one of its basic priorities is to fight against deforestation and protect the environment against greenhouse gas emission.The experts have suggested the processing of raw materials with the help of briquetting press.Over the years, waste has been used in the production of renewable energy to fulfill fuel requirements.Therefore, with the inception of this practice of converting biomass wastes as an alternative source of energy has grown considerably.Other renewable sources of energy like solar, geothermal and wave require large and costlier set up as compared to biomass briquetting.A briquetting press is majorly used for the processing of agricultural wastes like crops stalks and wood wastes like sawdust to manufacture briquettes.To a certain extent, this fuel has not being exploited completely but some its benefits are no less than charcoal and firewood which also saves your time and money.It is to be noted that most briquetting machine manufacturers fabricate raw materials according to the availability of the region.This has been understood by industries and they are wasting no time in installing the machine to produces biomass fuel.There is no doubt that with the rising cost of fuel, industries are looking forward for an alternative source of fuel to fulfill the various the processes that need heat.Again, wood briquettes produced from wood powder making machine are easily available and are an easy source of fuel.These briquettes can be used like firewood and are much efficient in nature.Since they are stored in handy packs they are much easy to transport without much hassles.They are dry in nature and do not emit carbon dioxide on burning.It is also known as white coal due to its property of burning clean and has minimum ashes.

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