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How Does Vacuum Forming Machine Work

The body of a toy car is made by taking a holey, rigid mold of the car's shape.You want to then place it inside the vacuum forming machine.A sheet of plastic is draped over the top of the mold covering all the edges and angles.Then the lid is closed and locked, and the machine is activated, causing the interior to heat up to a preset temperature.The plastic sheeting will soften to the point where it becomes flexible.The machine then forms a vacuum, pulling the plastic down around the mold.The vacuum's force pulls through the holes that are drilled into the mold, creating a tight bond with the shape of the mold.The sheet of thermoforming material is heated in order to increase pliability.Different levels of heat are used for materials of a different thickness.Once the correct level of heat has been reached, the material is molded by one of three common methods.In vacuum thermoforming, the sheet of material is laid on a concave mold and pulled inward to adhere to the shape of the mold with vacuum pressure.Tiny holes in the mold provide the suction, without affecting the shape of the finished product.Pressure thermoforming occurs when the sheet is laid on a convex mold shape and pressed down on the mold.Finally, mechanical thermoforming uses a machine to press the sheet into a concave mold with a convex mold, pressing the sheet between the two molds.Completing the process:when the process is completed, the machine is turned off and allowed to cool.At this point, the plastic goes through its cooling stage and becomes hard.The plastic unit is removed from the machine.Now the plastic is ready for the finishing touches, such as applying stickers and decorations.Many useful every day items are constructed this way, such as disposable cups, food containers and store display units.Vacuum forming is the easiest method of forming plastic items and is used in virtually all forms of industry.Thermoplastic, also known as thermoforming plastic and thermoformable plastic, is the material used for contemporary thermoforming processes.Thermoplastic is a polymer, or a material that contains large molecules in a repeating pattern.This material changes physical properties based on its temperature.With extreme heat, it melts to a liquid form, and with cool temperatures, it becomes extremely hard.Applying a moderate amount of heat causes the thermoplastic to become flexible so it can be molded.Vacuum forming machine in all walks of life: vacuum forming machine come in many shapes and sizes, depending on what the job requires.Some of them are huge, filling up entire walls to create composite molds for large items like automobiles.Some are tiny and consist of a two-sided mold that enables the machinist to melt the plastic around both sides of the mold.Plastic ornaments can be made this way, as can vases, drinking glasses and cups.That's just to name a few.

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