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How Often Does Your Air Conditioning Or Hvac System Requires Maintenance

According to experts, the air conditioning systems should be inspected, cleaned and serviced at least once a year, so that they have optimal efficiency and provide for better energy savings.Even if you do not suspect any kinds of problems affecting your air conditioning system or hvac (heating, ventilation and air conditioning system), you still need to adopt a regular servicing procedure and maintenance schedule for your air conditioning units.Accumulation of dust and dirt dirt and dust are some of the undesired substances that can accumulate inside your hvac and air conditioning unit, in due course of time.The dirt and filth have a negative impact on the efficiency of the air conditioning system.When not serviced and cleaned regularly, the dirt and filth can cause a lowering of performance, and your air conditioning system can lose up to 5% (or more) of its efficiency when it is not cleaned in a regular manner.Air conditioning and hvac equipment like air filters and the condensing units are particularly more affected by the dirt and dust, and their proper and timely cleaning is a must.A clean filter provides for better working of the evaporator coil and prevents it's soiling in an untimely manner.Air conditioning maintenance service providers check the condition of evaporator coil each year and clean it while also replacing it when necessary.The condenser coils also suffer from dirt accumulations when there is foliage present close to the units or when the outdoor environment has good amounts of dust creating conditions.The lawn movers, falling leaves, and dryer vents are all potential sources of dirt.The coil fins are the aluminum fins found on the condenser and evaporator coils.They get bent easily and are a cause of blockage of air flow.The maintenance experts use the "fin comb" tools for combing the fins so that they can get back in shape.Addressing and resolving of minor issues hvac and air conditioning maintenance services are offered to you by the licensed professionals who have wide exposure and experience in the field.The cost of hvac equipment and spare parts is quite high, and even the minor replacement cost may require hundreds of dollars.That is why the maintenance services are cost saving.The professionals find out the minor flaws that disturb the performance of your air conditioning unit.Timely maintenance ensures that proper revisions and corrections have been made so that the hvac equipment last for longer time intervals.The havc and air conditioning maintenance services check the motors, blowers, coils, drain lines, supply lines, connections and refrigerants and also inspect the operating temperatures and pressures of the system.Even a minor fault in wiring can cause untimely breakdown of equipment, and the new replacements are quite costly.Increase in life span the air conditioning units last for 15 years easily.With proper and timely maintenance, you can increase the life of your hvac and air conditioning systems even more.If your air conditioner is getting old and has a life of greater than 5 years, then the importance of proper and certified maintenance services is even more.Hence, you should get the older units serviced even more timely and on priority.Cost affordability on contrary to what many people think, the air conditioning maintenance services for hvac equipment and systems cost quite low and are largely affordable.A medium sized air conditioning system can be thoroughly maintained, cleaned and serviced at a cost that can vary between $70 to $100.Considering the extra-life and cost efficiency that your system gets when it is regularly maintained, the maintenance cost if negligible.Some companies also offer you promos and discounts on the service plans, and you can enroll for a multi-year hvac or air conditioning maintenance plan, to get the services at even lower prices.

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