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How To Choose Pellet Mill Die

Pellet mill dies plays an important role in the biomass pellet production.When the biomass pellets come into the pellet making machine, the roller will rotates and compress the loose raw material to be intruded out of the hole of the spare parts.If the spare parts is blocked, you need to clean it right away because when the raw material is cool, it will not only increase the cleaning difficulty but also will corrode the die.This needs to be exchanged after using for a long period time because the wear loss will reduce its working capability.When you are selecting the equipments, there are two aspects you should think of.They made of alloy steel or stainless stell, for various this machine and feed machines.The type of pellet mill there are mainly two types of pellet mill spare parts, one is flat die and the other is ring die.Flat die is suitable for small-scale production and ring die is appropriate for large-scale production.Flat die is much more easy to fix and is also much lighter than the ring die, yet ring die offering a higher working efficiency.The metal of pellet mill die there are mainly three types of metal used to make pellet machine dies-carbon steel, stainless steel, and carbon chrome.Generally speaking, carbon steel is good at anti-abrasion but not so good at anti-corrosion.When the parts made of carbon steel gets blocked, it will get rusted easily, making the biomass raw material difficult to get through the hole of the die.Adding polishing agent, such as the mixture of bran and vegetable oil before the pellet production will help improve the situation.Above all, carbon steel is still the metal with longest lifespan and most affordable.But if you have a higher budget, you can also choose the die made of stainless steel and high chrome, which is having a better biomass fuel production efficiency.No matter it is the time you need to change your machine spare parts or not, it is strongly suggested you should have at least one of two pellet mill spare at hand in case of the emergency.

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