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How To Choose The Size Of The Ball Mill Built To Score

How to choose the size of the ball mill built to score? flotation process: the ups and downs of the mineral is almost nothing to do with the mineral density in the flotation process.Such as chalcopyrite and quartz, the former density of 4.2, which is 2.68, but the heavy mineral chalcopyrite is very easy to float, quartz instead sink to the bottom.The study found that minerals floatability and its affinity to water the size of any affinity with the water, crushing plant the water wetting of the mineral difficult to attach to the bubbles on difficult to float.And water affinity of small, difficult to be wetted by water mineral easy to go up.Flotation and other beneficiation methods to do the sorting of materials before the preparatory work, that is, ore grinding and classification, suitable for flotation rotary dryer concentration of fine.In addition, the flotation following a few basic operations: the adjustment of the slurry and flotation agents to join.Its purpose is to cause the difference of the mineral surface properties, that is changing the wettability of the mineral surface, regulating the selectivity of metallurgy rotary kiln the mineral surface, and some mineral particles can be attached to the gas saturation, while others can not be attached to the bubble.Second, the stirring and cause a lot of bubbles.With the inflatable flotation machine stirring, resulting in pulp air dispersion and the formation of large bubbles or causes the air to form micro-saturated precipitation in the soluble pulp.Third, the mineralization of the bubble.Mineral particles selectively attach to the rock crusher bubbles, which is the basic behavior in the flotation process.Flotation is a mineral moist and wet-based dressing.The nature of the mineral easy to float with the difficult floating generally known as mineral floatability.Flotation can float the difference is the use of mineral separation of minerals.In modern flotation process, the application of flotation reagent is especially important, because by the flotation reagent handling, you can change the mineral floatability of minerals can be selectively alicey599 attached to the bubble to float, so as to achieve the purpose of beneficiation.Iron ore beneficiation equipment beneficiation category --- iron ore beneficiation techniques are as follows: mines processing ores hematite hard rock, mainly iron the mineral martite, half martite, gangue minerals are mainly quartz, followed by hornblende, chlorite, ore showed the banded structure, disseminated fine-grained, the illusion fly ash brick making machine of hematite and quartz grain size is usually 0.02-0.2mm, the ore required grinding to -200 mesh 80% of g / t, dubbed in 20% aqueous solution, adding the second paragraph of mill flotation ph value of ph value of 8.5-9.5, the pulp temperature of 30-33 degrees, the collecting agent for the oxidation of paraffin wax soap 390g / t and the tower tall oil 130g / mixture of t, the re-election for iron ore, mainly used in the election do not weakly magnetic hematite, its application, there are two: one is to the geological taste (50%) but mine body thinner or more mezzanine mining when the waste rock mixed with ore dilution, can be broken only for this ore grinding, discarded by the re-election in the case of the coarse grain size, coarse-grained tailings, thereby restoring geological taste, medium coarse taste concentrate for further processing, or sent directly to the blast furnace smelting, this is called coarse-grained re-election, the other is the dissemination size smaller red ore or mixed mineral (ie with red ore of weak magnetic and strong magnetic magnetite), crushing, grinding the iron minerals monomer separation, re-election or magnetic reconnection election, get the fine high-grade concentrate, which called red iron ore fine-grained re-election.

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