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How To Choose The Useful Sand Making Machine

How to choose the useful sand making machine sand making machine also named sand maker is a kind of advanced stone-crushing equipment in home and abroad with high-efficiency, which is designed by henan daswell machinery co.,ltd.Generally speaking, the sand making machine is widely used for crushing hard and brickle materials including various minerals, abrasive material, refractory material, cement, quartz, iron ore, etc.Sand maker is specially suitable for making sand for buildings, road building.The pcl sand making machine(sand maker) consisted of main spindle, feeder hopper, and distributor, eddy crushing chamber, impeller, base, transmission gear and bracket in structure.Some customers always feel confused that how to choose a good quality sand making machine.Now we will give some suggestions about this question.There are various allocations of sandstone equipment for choose according to the requirement of material property, particle, and intensity.For general customers, they choose sandstone equipment according to plan provided by sandstone equipment manufactures in accordance with theirselves capital, various human relations, and geographical environment.Along with the development trend of market, sandstone equipment is mechanized is necessary for future development, this trend will dominate mechanical industries; hence sand-making machine becomes the key equipment in sand making production line.Engineering construction has strict demand for aggregate.If the raw material in not good enough in performance, it will directly impact on engineering quality.Therefore, how to produce qualified aggregate, it should start with model selection.Only master production link can production lines to be ensured to work normally.Viewing from the present often-used equipments for sandstone production line, rough crushing, secondary crushing, and auxiliary equipments are basically of same type.In the process of making sand, sand making equipment has a close bearing on the quality of produced sand to check whether the sand meet the requirement of usage.Commonly used sand making equipments are impact sand making machine.And counter high efficient sand making machine.Http://dwcrusher.Com/products/sand-making-machine/sand-making-machine.Html http://www.Dwcrusher.Com/ cone crusher is suitable for crushing various kinds of ores and rocks with medium or above medium hardness, and cone crusher is of stable structure, high efficiency, easy adjustment, and use economically, etc.The spring safety system of crusher acts as an overloading protection system that allows metals to pass through the crushing chamber and not damage the cone crusher.The safety system uses dry oil and water as two kinds of sealed formation to make plaster powder and engine oil separated to make sure reliable performance.The type of crushing chamber depends upon the usage of the crushed ores.The standard type(pyb) is applied to medium crushing, the medium type is applied to medium or fine crushing and the short head type is applied to fine crushing.Working principle of cone crusher: the working parts are two cutter haeds, also called cones; one is fixed cone ( also called outer cone), the other one is movable cone ( also called inner cone), please refer to the picture.The outer cone is fixed, which is one part of frame; the movable cone is pluged freely in the eccentric bush, so the central axis between the fixed cone and the movable cone intersects and forms into a bevel.When rotating, the movable cone rotates along the inner suface of the fixed cone.The place that the movable cone pressed against the fixed cone becomes the crushing cavity, where the materials is pressed, impacted and bent by the movable cone.The place that the movable moves away from the fixed cone becomes the discharging open, where the crushed materials is discharged out under the role of gravity, and the materials are sent from the feed open.Working characteristics of cone crusher: 1) movable cone rotates continuously, and the material crushing process and the unloading process works alternately along the work surface, which realizes the high output.2) the materials are pressed, bent and sheared in the two cones, and can be easily crushed; lower power consumption 3) even product granularity, cubic shape, the abrasion in the working surface of movable cones is even.4) structure introduction: cone crusher mainly consists of frame, horizontal shaft, movable cone, balance wheel, eccentric, upper crushing wall (fixed cone), under crushing wall (movable cone), hydraulic coupling, lubrication system, hydraulic system, control system and so on.5) movable cone and fixed cone are being set.When movable cone swings, near the discharging open of the crushing chamber, there is parallel trough with equal gap between movable cone and fixed cone to make sure the final size even.Feed open is not big and only handles the materials after primary crushed.This series cone crusher uses dry oil and water as two sealing ways, so that the dust will not enter into the inner of the machine, thus ensure the cleaning of the run free oil, extend the life of plain bearings, thrust ball bearing , and make the machine running reliably.

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