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How To Clean The Desktop Pc

Dust everywhere, it seems that it is best able to highlight the time traces.However, this marks not happy to see pc gamers.Desktop machine in use for some time, the dust began to slowly accumulate, until one day when you can not boot.How to respond? course, is to its regular cleaning, maintenance department to spend money to clean of personal or professional computer users do not always become reality.However, many users do not know where to start, but this article is intended to let everyone around the simple devices used to conduct an internal dust cleaning the desktop.First we look at some simple cleaning of the computer-related issues.The necessary knowledge to make a comb, which will help us to start work later.From the most elementary problems, and why to clean your computer? perhaps we just think that cleaning the computer just to keep your computer clean and fresh, to ensure system stability, or to extend computer life.This is a superficial understanding, deeper level of understanding should be a clean computer will help ensure that human health.This is because the long-term use in the computer, not just the internal accumulation of dust, but also the many bacteria.For a long time to clean up the user does not cause the health threat is not small, so the need to clean your computer stand out.How should we do on the computer should place it? many users confined to the surface of the clean up of only the surface of the dust wiped off with a rag.Can be truly comprehensive clean is very small.Desktops are usually the easiest place to gather dirt on the keyboard, chassis, and the display surface of the internal cooling system.Are relatively easy to deal with the outside, but inside the dirt but very few people concern.Even diy experienced players do not bother to take into account, let alone the average user.In fact, thorough cleaning should be clean inside and out once, is more important is internal to the chassis clean.As for the display, there is high pressure is not recommended due to internal self-cleaning house.So how often the computer is suitable for cleaning it? for computer users who use infrequent, usually within the first six months clean the chassis enough; frequently used the user is recommended 2-3 months clean time.Clean your computer when the user purchase necessary professional equipment? our answer is that there are of course the best, not does not matter, it is simple items can complete the cleaning process.Clean mouse and keyboard said so much, surely we began to want to try some of it! road to below, we will be careful when it comes to cleaning, natural essential tools necessary to come up.Here we let everyone be prepared a few things: a clean piece of cloth, an empty mineral water bottles and pins (instead of blowing balloons), a brush or a brush (coarse), rubber, screwdrivers, vacuum cleaners, toothbrushes, toothpicks, cotton , alcohol and so on.With the above preparation we can go straight to the topic, to begin our clean trip.First, of course, is the most commonly used to start the mouse and keyboard.In general, the keyboard attached to the dirt above the most serious.Diy skills for a certain user, we propose to remove the keyboard, and keyboard directly to the surface cleaning detergent with a toothbrush.Dry or cold dry with a hair dryer, and then assembled to get the best cleaning results.For ordinary users, which does not seem real, and removed the more damage is worth the candle.So how? the keyboard surface dirt, wash cloth can be used to clean up.The process of wiping the right amount of disinfectant can be added for disinfection.To deal with how to deal with internal debris falling into it? turn the keyboard, one hand holding the keyboard, the other hand continuous keystrokes, along with vibration and percussion, keyboard would have fallen within the debris.Repeat several times, basically you can fall into the debris inside the keyboard, such as to remove most of the debris.A vacuum cleaner, you can directly on the keyboard to welcome home treatment, without too cumbersome.Clean the mouse needs to be done mainly outside care, the gap can be resolved at a toothpick.You need to remove the bottom of the mechanical mouse, remove the dirt inside the ball to take care to improve sensitivity.Wheel of a class structure, recommended a week with a towel to wipe it.If you still feel unhappy, and may wish to demolish what, more thorough cleaning inside dirt.Wipe the computer monitor, just outside the martial arts, there are a lot of articles about, we will not repeat them here.Here we will focus on cleaning inside the computer take care of the host machine.Host cleaning: speaking of cleaning up the chassis, the user need to do first of course, is to take care of the external dust.Simple to use rags to clean up a bit on it, and then is to move the screwdriver to minor surgery.We want to alert the user, if you are using a branded desktop and in the warranty, please note that sealing label, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.Open the box, you can see the board has gathered a lot of dust above, and some can not start.We recommend that users start from the independent board that is independent of the network card, graphics cards, sound cards, video cards, etc.To start, as fully integrated in the motherboard's friends with ease, from memory to start on it.Here we recommend that users will be removed and clean up the board, after all, few boards, the removal more convenient.The best guarantee before the demolition of the body without too much static, so as not to cause hardware damage.How do i clean it? first, gather dust board face down, wipe gently with a brush, you need to pay attention to the efforts.In some of the more difficult to clean up the place, we have to spend in front of the pin and ready to empty water bottle.In fact, their use is to replace the blown balloon (repair of the table at a tool that i saw), used to gather more dust can not directly deal to clean up the place.To do is to pin in the mineral water bottles poke a hole in the lid, then screw on the lid can be used to blow out.Some people will ask why not use hair dryer it? the reason is very simple, because too much hair dryer vent and air rush is not easy to control.And dust blowing and confused because everywhere pandemonium.Do not underestimate this simple equipment, the effect is still very good.In cooperation with the blow and sweep the dust most of all can not stand the test of the last remaining step is to do the final cleaning of cotton coated with a small amount of alcohol.This can be considered a card to clean up is complete.On the card such equipment, due to large heat sink, cooling fan for a long time the operation of a large concentration of lead dust.Friends can know how to remove the fan, heat sink removed to clean.The friends want to do minor surgery and hair with a brush device to do some cleaning on it.Finally facing the heat sink fan and vacuum a few position.Board cleaning: goldfinger board also include the clean-up clean, because there is inevitably a long period of use of dust and oxidation, resulting in reduced stability.This need to use a rubber, as long as the card on the desktop, a rub with the eraser can make finger shiny as new.This approach is bad for the memory is also applicable.Cpu fan is a need to focus on cleaning up the place, in general, it is certain to be the need to remove.The fan removed, presumably following the method of it also goes without saying.The combination is the use of brush and blow, if the heat sink structure is relatively simple, it is recommended to remove the fan heat sink to wash the metal.But users must note that the thermal heat sink on the need to retain the silica gel.If the silicone has hardened, you need to remove and re-apply.Generally not a lot of dust on the motherboard, the position is more clustered in the cpu, chipset and other local air flow faster.Generally do not need to be removed and clean, just sweep the dust with a brush, and each slot of the wind blow, sweep on it.Dealing with the same process and the board also need to wipe with alcohol cotton.The interior of the hard disk, cd-rom in fact do not care how.Just wipe the dust gather on the surface on the line.This is the same with the bottom of the chassis clean, do not need any skills.Finally, we need to do is for the supply of clean, this step is essential.Gathering dust on the power supply is not less than the internal chassis.This step in the power clean, the best to deal with the power removed and so easy.Of course, this step too troublesome friends can be directly aligned with the vacuum port for vacuum cooling power, and soon will be able to clean the dust inside their heads.In the big-ticket items are dealt with, basically to ensure the cleanliness of the internal chassis.Clean cable finally, the finishing touches on the need to continue cleaning, and that the surface is clean and the cable.Cable surface dust can not be ignored, or very serious.Can be cleaned with cotton dipped in alcohol, naturally, can wipe the surface with a damp cloth.Wipe the dirt at the same time in the efforts to pay attention to avoid damage to the internal wires.Summary: down the whole process is not too complicated, conclusion is that a few simple words: "wipe", "sweep", "blowing" and "suck." after a careful cleaning, only to once again shine your computer also familiarize yourself with the computer's internal structure, but also for their own computer to create a more favorable use of the environment, can be said to serve multiple purposes.The whole process you need to do is to pay on time.

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