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How To Develop New Energy Vehicles

Zhangzhihong said, after years of effort, china has in the electric car fields have achieved more great progress, but the electric car is still in development by scientific research to the transformation of industrialization process, there are not enough mature technology, consistency, and reliability,screw classifier bear the inspection, the high cost of these not perfect state and difficult.He thinks,jaw crusher the electric car of development and the traditional process of the development of the technology of the accumulation of is not divided.Electric vehicle technology is the transformation of a traditional vehicle technology, also in traditional car on the basis of the inheritance and development.He thinks, automobile industry to the top priority is to speed up the ascension innovation ability, the ability to innovate will continue as the driving force of the enterprises development and convert to speed up the technical innovation and the development of new products, according to the changes of the market and the demand of the consumers, adjust and optimize the structure of products, better meet consumer products for the car energy saving, environmental protection, safety,raw material mill comfort, economic and other aspects of the new expectations.According to zhangzhihong introduction, "1025" period, the ministry of science and technology of the main key support planning and pure electric drive plug-in hybrid car, both the fuel cell and hybrid core technology research.In the development of new energy vehicles how,rotary kiln zhangzhihong about their views.First, will fuel cell and hybrid research as a main direction.Put some key technology, but also the development of the high comfortable model, high reliability city fuel cars and hybrid vehicles high performance to price ratio of the products.The second, and increase the infrastructure and technology strength, speed up the development of the industrialization.Support related experiments city,symons cone crusher perfect infrastructure planning.Appropriate leading charge network layout.Third, to speed up the standard research and perfect the standard system.Now china's foundation is better still, joint related departments to continue to establish a set of independent research and development of products with chinese technical features of supporting the electric car standard system.At the same time, to increase and international coordination of the electric car standardization channel.Especially recently, our national team and germany led standardization committee has in the electric car has a dialogue mechanism.Rock cone crusher fourth, high attention and strengthen the construction of standardization system.On the one hand in our country is in the process of application demonstration expansion to the country and has formulated the industry standard, the operation process of the demonstration in a timely manner according to the problems found in make adjustments.On the other hand,mobile jaw crusher and perfect the electric vehicle standards system, at the same time, strengthen the cohesion and international standards.Fifth, strengthen accommodative policy and business model innovation research.Learn experience from international, want to notice to and international each exchanges, so as to establish a suitable for china's new energy vehicle development policy system and promote the market conditions.Countries of the european union's equivalent of five standard five standards, the european union has since 2009 to carry out, the nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and the limits of the tougher emissions from motor vehicles.Countries to mention five countries, each raise a standard, bicycle emissions by 30% to 50%.Concerned expert thinks, the implementation of the five countries standard means the four standard may limit line, countries have three standard may retreat city and country two standards may disappear, the standard is likely to exit the stage of history forever.According to the plan, "the next five years to beijing old motor vehicles out 400000 cars; generalizing applied hybrid, pure electric and so on the new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles scale will reach to 40000 or more cars.According to information, the implementation of the countries of the motor vehicle standards means that five engine manufacturing costs will rise, and it will also mean that prices will rise further.But now, some domestic automobile manufacturers still does not have the technical strength standard five countries, this will be the country five standards of rising prices a reason.China mobile crusher:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/mobile-crusher-station.Html sand washing equipment:www.China-crusher.Com/sand-washer3.Html china jaw crusher:www.China-crusher.Com.

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