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How To Differentiate Between Opc And Ppc Cement

The two common variants of cement that are widely used in the construction industry are opc and ppc cement.These terms will definitely appear confusing for a novice who goes to buy cement for the first time.Choosing the right cement shall also be difficult if you do not know how to differentiate between these two varieties of cement.Here are some tips for your reference.Check them out! differences based on production while best opc cement in mizoram, manipur and other places is made from a mixture of grounded limestone and other secondary materials, ppc cement is a better variant of opc.In case of production of ppc , the basic constituents remain the same.Additionally, mixture of pozzolanic materials is incorporated into the powder.The function of this pozzolanic material is to enhance the strength of the resultant construction material.Differences based on raw materials the raw materials that are used for manufacture of opc include calcareous, which is a material that contains lime, argillaceous, a material that comprises of silica and alumina, and gypsum.On the other hand, the basic raw materials used for producing ppc are opc cement and gypsum to which pozzolanic material is additionally added.Generally, the major constituents of this pozzolanic material are fly ash and volcanic ash.Differences based on manufacturing process the raw materials that are used for making opc are mixed together in proportionate quantities and then heated in kiln.The hard clinkers that are formed as a result are then grounded into fine powder to form opc.In case of ppc, all the raw materials are grounded separately or together into fine powder and then mixed uniformly.Here, the basic difference is that these raw materials are not heated in kiln as it is done for opc.Based on usage opc cement finds major use in the housing and construction industry.However, the use of ppc cement is mostly preferred in the present times by many building and construction companies since it is able to fulfil the criterion of green building appreciably well.Besides this, ppc cement remains the most popular choice in case of plastering, masonry and mass concreting too.Moreover, as ppc remains strong against sulphate attack, so this variety of cement also remains as the first choice of builders for construction of dams, marine structures, water reservoirs, and residential and commercial building that are located near the sea shore.

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