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How To Ensure Safety Operation Of Conveyor

Conveyor, also named as transmitter, is a rubber and fiber and metal combination product that is used for loading and conveying materials.It is widely applied for transporting various kinds of solid material and powder materials.Conveyor can continuous, high efficiency, big obliquity transportation, and the safe operation, easy to use, easy maintenance, low freight and shortened the distance transportation, reduce the construction cost, save manpower.The daily use of the more is to pay attention to press a regulation strictly operation, and the daily maintenance are mainly used for the protection of the environment and the hardware to prevent the destruction of the system software.Programmable logic controller is functions of the logic control.It will come from all kinds of sports and function of the conveyor instruction in logical order, so they can accurately, coordination and orderly safety operation.In the meantime, it can send many kinds of information from the tools and working state to the transmitter and timely and exactly give further control order, in which way the control of the whole belt conveyor can be realized.Speed by container in central usually main shaft and the speed of the motor machine to complete.It will motor speed matching into actual voltage value back to servo drive system as speed feedback signal, and instruction speed compared voltage value, so as to realize the precise control of the speed.Zhengzhou red star machinery factory specializing in the production of drum dryer, sand the dryer, drum dryer, sand drying apparatus mine machine equipment, the company relies on a strong research and development and production strength, has become one of the few domestic crushing, system of mechanical sand export base.Here should pay attention to the non-timing feedback voltage matching connection, and do not remove speed measuring machine.The cause of the speed control are due at the non-timing feedback line or break line be caused by.The central position of the earlier machine tool use linear or circular synchronous sensors or rotating transformer, and modern machine tools themselves with grating feet and digital pulse coder as position central components, they coordinate transformation of machine tool in the operation of the actual position directly or indirectly central, will be the central values to henan vibrating screen and feedback with instruction compared to coordinate the displacement until instruction position, so as to achieve precise control of the position.Position loop possible fault for more hardware failure, such as position central components to be contaminated, wire connection problem and so on.Belt conveyor: http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/11.Htmldrum dryer: http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/24.Htmlvibrating screen: http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/8.Html.

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