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How To Extend The Life Of The Roller Break

Roll crusher is a the henan crushers series flagship product, its reliable operation, simple maintenance, low operating cost, nesting particle size adjustable.We need to pay attention when using roll crusher aspects, can effectively extend the service life of the roller break: 1, in addition to iron ore.Non-broken (solder first-class objects) fall into the damage to the crusher between rolls, resulting in a parking accident.Iron removal devices should be installed before the crusher.2, the viscous material is easy to plug the broken space, should stop treatment in dealing with blockage problems, not stab mine in operation.3, when processing materials containing large pieces more, pay attention to the large piece of ore is easily squeezed out from the crushing space, to prevent injury or damage to equipment.4 roll crusher operation a long time, due to the roll surface wear, can cause the product size too small, then should adjust the port of discharge or maintenance of equipment.5, strengthen inspection of the equipment, time and refueling equipment lubrication, maintaining equipment and good lubrication condition.Introduce the basic principles of shaker sorting the shaker widely used in the election do not tin, tungsten, gold, silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, titanium and coal, etc.Shaker with enrichment than high sorting efficiency, easy operation.The following is a brief overview of shaker sorting the basic principles.Mineral particles under the joint action of the reciprocating asymmetric movement of the inclined plane flow and bed, spread-side movement to concentrate side.Therefore, the mineral particles in the bed surface movement of the joint decision of the above two effects.Make mineral particles in a variable motion rocking bed for relative motion, only when the inertial force of the mine is greater than the friction between mineral particles and the bed, be possible.In order to make the drive end of the bed of mineral particles of different densities move to the concentrate side, the transmission must be asymmetric movement of the bed by the forward stroke into the back stroke is relatively fast into a forward stroke, back stroke is slower.Transmission mechanism driven bed for reciprocating motion of the asymmetric, making the bed surface of the inclined plane flow of mineral particles inertia force, the relative motion and bed.The density of the mineral particles, the greater the inertia force generated by the larger.When the inertia force of the mineral particles greater than mineral particles and static friction between the bed surface, the mine force on the bed surface movement.Therefore, the friction can make mineral particles stay on the bed surface, always move together with it.When the back of the bed, the mineral particles from the bed surface, but because of the mineral particles has gained kinetic energy continue to roll-forward until the inertia force and friction force balance.And mineral particles again together with the bed movement.Move over until the bed facing the.Ball mill[url=http://www.China-xingbang.Com/]ball mill[/url] intermittent ball mill[url=http://www.China-xingbang.Com/4.Html]intermittent ball mill[/url] pcl sand making machine[url=http://www.China-xingbang.Com/42.Html]pcl sand making machine[/url] titanium rotary kiln[url=http://www.China-xingbang.Com/22.Html]titanium rotary kiln[/url].

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