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How To Handle The Challenges Of Conveyor Belt Cleaning

Conveyor belts, the ubiquitous pulley operated machines found in assembly lines, baggage checkouts, freight loading and unloading vehicles, escalators, and ski carriages, require a lot of maintenance.These machines must be in top condition for optimal performance and safety.Much of the damage to conveyor belts can be attributed to deposits of dirt and grease on them.Therefore, cleaning these belts with a conveyor belt cleaner on a regular basis is necessary.Pressure wash systems are among the most effective conveyor belt cleaner equipment.These machines have high pressure levels, high temperatures, and are ideally suited to withstand the rigors of commercial cleaning.The only thing to keep in mind is that any conveyor belt cleaner you use must be designed specifically for commercial applications.Low-end machines meant for limited use cannot provide the level of cleaning that heavily soiled conveyor belts require.Equipment for cleaning conveyor belts should be chosen based on the following criteria: flow rate before you purchase a conveyor belt cleaner, consider the drainage capacity in the area.Use machines with moderate flow rates of around 2-3 gpm, if drainage is not sufficient.This would allow the transfer of less water on to the surfaces and make the cleaning process faster.Where there is no restriction on water use, particularly in outdoor areas, you can use machines with flow rates of up to 5 gpm.Power method many contractors use electric industrial pressure washer to remove grime from conveyor belts.However, in the event where electricity is not available, you will need to use an industrial pressure washer that runs on propane, diesel, or gas.Newer versions use noise reduction mechanisms.Machines that require diesel or gas for either running the engine or heating may emit fumes.If you are planning to use them for cleaning indoor areas, make sure the machine has a long hose.Many industrial pressure washer models have hoses as long as 50 feet.Portability you can purchase a portable pressure washer, if your contract requires you to carry out cleaning in different locations or your work is spread out over a large area.A portable pressure washer is one that can be fitted on a trailer easily.These machines can be easily carried to different locations.If you are required to clean a smaller area on a daily basis, such as assembly line and surrounding area, you can invest in a stationary pressure wash system.Heat a hot water pressure washer is a necessity when you are looking to remove layers of grime, particularly grease and fat, from conveyor belts.A hot steam pressure washer can attain very high temperatures of up to 210°f.A steam pressure washer may attain temperatures as high as 330°f.Therefore, a steam pressure washer is used where there are heavy layers of grease and similar substances coating the conveyor belts.Pressure wash systems should be bought only from well-known brands with good reputation.A high quality conveyor belt cleaning machine is a good safeguard against heavy accumulation of dirt and grease.

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