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How To Improve Quality Of Abrasive Products

Conventional abrasive machining method can be divided into three categories.First, crushing process is regardless of device, but a chunk of change into small pieces, small pieces of change in sand.The second is the process of sorting which is divided into several grades according to the particle size for the screening.Magnetic separation is defined that whether containing divided into abrasive does not contain iron and containing magnetic particles.No matter in what crushing case, there will always generate dust which dust not to discuss people like to remove the dust method for cleaning.Third, the shaping process is regardless of broken equipment, the total number of particle shape is not satisfactory.People tend to think of the use of plastic measures to improve the situation.It is understood that the abrasive enterprises rarely used shaping, a dozen years ago, a chamber of commerce in an alumina processing enterprises in the domestic investment, we boldly expand ideas, set up several domestic design without precedent, the entire process layout than other domestic enterprises cleaning design, improved abrasive cleanliness, more plastic design to improve the shape of the particles, causing the abrasive quality of the business a notch higher than other companies, priced a notch higher.The chamber of commerce on the abrasive production is quite insightful work quite bold, whether there is no precedent, as long as you're right, he finalized.In this way, an enterprising owner, met with a bold designer, a new abrasive production line is formed.The design of this set of plastic, although it has become a precedent for domestic abrasive plastic, but a closer analysis of the still unsatisfactory.Shaping the purpose, to needle, elongated particles into close to plot the shape of the particles.It is estimated that more than 2/3 of the particles do not need plastic surgery, only 1/3 of the particles only need the plastic, and now fall into all the plastic at least consumes energy, does not comply with the principle of low-carbon economy.Let us imagine that the pre 2/3 of the product-shaped particles enriched distinguish elected, only 1/3 of the needle, elongated particles enriched up plastic would be more reasonable.Raw material mill : http://www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/ore-separating-line.Htmlrotary kiln : http://www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/rotary-kiln.Html.

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