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How To Measure For Curtains In The Living Room

Curtains are a very common fitting in most houses, used to cover up windows.They have both form and function, as they really help to bring a room together while at the same time making efficient shields for both privacy and to block out the sun.Regardless of what you want them for; there is one thing you need to make sure of when you buy them: that they're measured properly.So you may wonder how to measure for curtains, especially when there are so many different styles.Well before you can figure out how to measure for them you need to figure out exactly which of these styles you want to use.There are three different kinds of curtains you need to look for in order to figure out how to measure for them.Each one has a different style, and so they can measure to different lengths.But not only do you need to know where to start, but you need to know where to end when working out how to measure for curtains.Sometimes you simply want them to cover up the window, while other times you seek to add more style and let them drape a little.Once you know what you want in terms of style you can move on to measuring for them.The first style of curtains we'll look at are curtain tracks.When figuring out how to measure for curtains you need to identify your style.Curtain tracks contain small hooks that guide the curtains along the track that is pinned to the wall, so the area the curtains start is typically lower.So now you may wonder how to measure for curtains of this style? well, your best bet with curtain tracks is to start at the top of the rack and measure downward.Next there are pencil pleat curtains.These are attached to small hooks, which are attached to small hoops that hold onto the curtain rod.This allows for a pleated effect when the curtains are opened or closed.So now how to measure for curtains like these? for these you pick a few curtain rings and measure from the bottom of them, to make sure that you get an even distribution.When figuring out how to measure for curtains that are pleated, it is a good idea to average out the lengths, just in case they're not level or even.Finally there's a pretty standard style of curtain, using a curtain rod.The fabric is simply weaved over the rod itself, which means it won't have the same pleated effect of the above example.So now you ask how to measure for curtains from a curtain rod? the best way to measure for these curtains is to start at the very top of the curtain rod, since that is where the tip of the material will be.Depending on the style of curtain themselves there might be more fabric above that point, but that is merely a matter of taste and not functionality.

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