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How To Prepare A Mill Before The Installation

Let me ask you some questions that i want you to really think about.How do you prepare your life, your purpose, and your success? and for some of you, do you even prepare at all or do you just "go with the flow" what we need to understand is in order for us to achieve what we want, hope, desire, and dream about we need to prepare ourselves to attract our goals.Let's look at this from a peak sports performance viewpoint.Do you think the swimmer michael phelps could have achieved 8 gold medals at the 2008 olympics without any or even very little preparation? there is no way he could of just rolled out of bed, skipped stretching and warm-ups, exercising, and weight lifting to achieve such phenomenal results.His coach helped him maximize his "peak swim time" performance through maximum preparation.Speaking of a coach, do you have a personal coach in your life? well if you're having trouble getting started in business, finding your purpose, or creating consisted results then you might want to consider a coach who can mentor success in your life.The action of preparation is very critical to your success.It helps you get the results you want exponentially faster than "going with the flow".As it is important to make good preparations for one's success, so is to the installation of a ball mill.(1)when mining machine is transported to the site, the grinder mills should be properly kept from rusty parts after sun and rain if you cannot install the mining machine immediately.What's more, the mining machine should be coated with anti-rust oil once the metal processing is exposed to surfaceif you have established a regular maintenance system to keep the good performance of mining machine, the grinder mill's life time would be extended longer.(2)according to site-specific conditions and base map, make a good basis by using high-grade cement to configuration and reinforcement and bury the threading pipe or make cable trench.(3)cement base must have sufficient time to support solid-phase.(4)if you make rectangular configuration, you should consider the general map size of mining machine with sufficient height and location.(5)the installation site of mining machine should be provided with some lifting gears for installation or maintenance which is as follows: for the mining machine with 3r, starting weight of lifting tools should be 2t, and 4r with 2-3t, 5r with 5t.(6)the main parts of mining machine, such as roller device, central axis and oil pool of analyzer, should be cleaned and checked after using for 6 months.(7)after completely cleaning and checking, you had better add sufficient grease to every transmission section.Ball mill:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/20.Html.

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