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How To Recycle Construction Waste

Construction waste refers to solid such as brick gravel, dry concrete block and waste residue produced from a series of operations after construction, demolition or repair, often accompanied by steel bars, wood chips, cloth strips, paper blocks, etc.If it is not handled, which will cause great harm to people and the environment.It is understood that the glue, paint used in construction waste are all difficult to degrade high molecular polymers and contain harmful heavy metal elements.They are buried underground, which will pollute the groundwater and directly endanger the health of surrounding residents.Not only that, but its footprint is relatively large.If you discard the landfill at will, there will be a lot of visible dust in the air.If it encounters rainy days, it will flow out a lot of sewage.However, these are just the tip of the iceberg where construction waste seriously affects environmental problems.In the disposal area, we can see that the construction waste mainly includes: gravel, slag, brick, concrete block, steel bar, door and window frame, etc., and is mixed with wood chips, broken steps, plastics.If you want to recycle it and realize resource treatment, you can't do without disposal equipment.The mobile jaw crusher can effectively crush and sift various construction wastes.The finished aggregate has good particle size and it can be reused as basic raw material.In order to handle construction waste more conveniently and quickly, hongxing machinery factory has created a movable construction waste crusher for its purpose.Its application field can be divided into gravel yard.Mining, coal mining, concrete mixing plant, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand, etc.To deal with construction waste, the construction waste is crushed first by jaw crusher or impact crusher, and then crushed by a cone crusher or sand making machine, followed by screening, etc., after working on a production line of the crushing station.Construction waste can be sorted, removed and crushed, and most of them can be reused as renewable resources, such as scrap steel, scrap iron wire, waste wire and various scrap steel parts.Various specifications of steel; waste bamboo wood can be used to manufacture artificial wood; brick, stone, concrete and other waste materials can be crushed after sand, used for masonry mortar, plastering mortar, concrete cushion and so on.Therefore, these construction wastes are returned to various buildings in the form of raw materials, which can achieve green environmental protection and save a lot of resources.This equipment of hxjq machine has been popular in the market.Construction waste treatment equipment is developed for different properties of construction waste, and it can be sorted, transported, crushed and screened for different construction wastes.The main advantages are: strong crushing ability.The special crusher for construction waste is equipped with strong production capacity and high efficiency, which can meet the daily production needs of users; flexible movement.The red star construction waste treatment equipment uses vehicle-mounted tires and crawler belts to move, and the transition is convenient and easy to follow; the screening effect is good.The construction waste treatment equipment has a strong screening system, which is a combination of crushing and sieving.The three-layer screen regeneration aggregate is cleaner and more tidier; easy to operate.The equipment is highly automated and precise, reducing manpower costs.

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