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How To Remove The Wall Decals

I know some people are worried about that once wall decals have been applied on the wall, they could not be removed any more or would do harm to their walls.So even though wall stickers are very fashionable these years and they like the fancy patterns of them a lot, they would not buy any one to decorating their house.Don't worry now.I will tell you some very useful and easy tips for removing the stickers that you don't want.Firstly, for the latex paint walls, you can use the hair dryer to heat the decal.Every family may have hair dryer.But please notice that no continuous heating to them because the glue on the back of the stickers would degum much easily when you try to remove them due to the excessive heating.About 40 degrees is just ok.This method is suitable for those relatively bigger patterns.It can basically avoid tearing down the wall paint at the same time.But small parts of glue will still remain on the wall.Secondly, for those wall stickers posting on the wallpaper: if your wallpaper is made of pvc, you can also use the above method to remove them, and the small part of glue can be wiped out easily; but if your wallpaper is pure paper or non-woven, you'd better not stick any decal on your wall.There has been no effective method until now.Thirdly, for those decals on the glass window, you can remove them directly.The residue of the scrub can be cleaned up with the cleaning agents, gasoline and some other items.Or you can also use the first method to remove them.Finally, if you are sure to use the decals only for a short time, you can take some very easy ways to deal with them.You only need to smear a small amount of fine gypsum powder to the gluing surface of the stickers before you apply them on the wall.Then just use the above 3 ways.The long-term use is not recommended to take this method.At present common wall stickers are basically possible to be used for more than 5 years.So you do not need to change them very often.I think with the help of these tips, you will not be afraid of buying wall decals any more or can change your stickers anytime to give your room a totally a look.Just have a try!.

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