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How To Solve Bearing Temperature Of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is generally installed above the concrete foundation.Given the weight of a larger crusher, poor working conditions, and the machine in operation again with great force of inertia to promote the foundation and the machine phylogenetic vibration.Based on vibration are directly caused by other machinery and equipment and building structures vibration.Therefore, the basis of crusher must be separated with the plant base.Meanwhile, in order to reduce vibration, the crusher is placed between the foundation and frame pad rubber or timber.The options to offer using the more than higher temperatures within the jaw crusher's bearing: 1.According for the jaw crusher's specified instruction book, to include essential oil timely and quantitatively; 2.Obvious the jaw crusher's essential oil hole and also the essential oil tank's bulkhead.3.Adjust the fly geneva wheel;s clump excess weight in position; 4.To unload the jaw crusher's frame bearing cover, lock the adapter sleeve and get rid of the flywheel or geneva wheel, alter having a adapter sleeve.5.Alter the jaw crusher's bearing.6.Alter the jaw crusher's finish include and gland cover, or loose 1 finish within the frame bearing include 's upper bearing include , making use of fuse and besom collectively inserted in to the frame bearing tank, stay obvious of the besom rotating.The jaw crusher bearing temperatures is more than high: 1.The bearing is deficiency of essential oil or even the essential oil is poured into as well much.2.The essential oil hole is jammed and also the essential oil can't be poured in.3.The fly geneva wheel's clump excess weight is not in position, the frame bumps.4.Tightening busing obstruct has axial pulsation.5.The bearing is wore out or even the retainer is damaged., etc.6.Not the temperatures within the bearing is rising, however the jaw's seal include and also the finish include clashed to produce heat or even the frame.Bearing's double besom rotates collectively using the principal axe and generates heat by clashing.In operation, you should take regular inspection, through the see, hear, touch ways such as broken mine machine parts observation status and bearing temperature, bearing temperature cannot exceed 60 ℃ high temperature, and if i found bearing don't stop immediately, take increase the amount of oil, the forced ventilation cooling, stay bearing, such as temperature drop before stopping, check and remove the faults.Jaw crusher:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_11.Html impact crusher:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/2.Htmlstone crusher plant:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/1.Html.

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