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How To Solve Sloshing Problem Of Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher equipment is widely used in the mines.However, a phenomenon of violent sloshing problem will happen after using the jaw crusher for some time.Therefore, the workers have to lay-off to find out the reason of shaking in order to repair the machine to resume production.Henan hongxing mining machinery reminds you to pay more attention to the occurrence of the phenomenon in the daily work, which can help you avoid the downtime in the production process.Pay more attention to three following issues.First, pay more attention to whether the fixed jaw crusher screw loosening or fracture phenomenon.The jaw crusher is fixed on the ground rely on these screws, if the screw loosening or fracture of the machine loose on one side of the first occurrence of a slight movement.If the time did not notice timely tightening of loose screws or replace broken screw will be because of the shaking of the other screw will easily fracture, this time shaking even more serious or even damage the machine.The second is to check its fixed foundation whether loosening.We all know that to build a house is needed to lay the foundation, if the unstable foundation will collapse.Jaw crusher, too, rely on a solid foundation not wobble.If the jaw crusher, the foundation is not solid or long-term use of the basis of the process, to set loose will affect the stability of the jaw crusher.The fixed jaw crusher is sure to lay the foundation for every other period of time, and later use to check the foundation is loose, if loose timely reinforcement.Third, in the process of jaw crusher, if it flying sheave position deviated from the position, could make the machine out of balance, resulting in the machine shaking.Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance in the use of jaw crusher is very important.The crushing chamber of the jaw crusher is composed with two plates that are the movable jaw and static jaw.The jaw crusher completes crushing operations of the material by simulating the two jaw movements of animals.The jaw crusher is widely used in the crushing of medium-grained ore, bulk materials in the mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry.Hydraulic cone crusher : http://www.China-crusher.Com/cone-crusher5.Htmlvibrating screen : http://www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/circular-vibrating-screen.Html.

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